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Bite Size Morsels: Growing Backwards Again

2004-06-20 - 8:21 p.m.

Best Deal For A Haircut: Free, at Lachance Family Barber

Listening To: Beck

Quote: "All Aeropostale shirts are dumb, It's always like . . . Monkey . . . Surf . . . Club." - Al - Y

Yeah. So I guess I went on D-land vacation. [Not to be confused with D-Rock vacation which involves far more JAX than I am even comfortable typing about.]

Ah, it doesn't take long to get back into form. I've been back for one paragraph and I've already made an obscure in-joke about D-Rock that maybe 2 people will get. It would be more than 2, but Ben and Rich don't know how to read. Sad, isn't it?

So yeah. Things ended last time on a very pixelated note didn't they? Anyway - it's summer now. Well, just about. Alias has been stored away to the back burner of my mind and a new season of Road Rules is here to torment us. Torment us TO THE X-TREME! SO X-TREME that they lost the first "E" in the word to a sword swallowing bungee mission. He'll be missed. But you know who will be missed even more if she leaves us? Sweet sweet Jodi. No, not that Jodi, different Jodi. From Road Rules. In the grand tradition of me having a Bunim-Murray summer swoon, (i.e. - Ellen, Kendall, that oversized Chili's check), we now have Jodi. None of the pictures online really do her justice. But if I wanted any apples in my eye, it would be her. Her apple. In my eye. Or something. I don't know.

Awww, Jodi likes rusted chains and uprooted signs! Just like me! It's fate!

Anyway, got to see David Byrne a second time. I got my mom and Don tickets to the Portland show and I got a ticket for me too. Andrea got some free time at the last minute and decided to come up too and try her best for a scalped ticket, despite the best efforts of my mother sneaking into the theater hours before show time trying to get a ticket from "David or one of his people" and then, grasping as straws, trying to pawn me off as handicap. Never let it be said that I get my schemeing schemes from my father. Andrea ended up getting one of the last tickets at the box office when we got there. Which was quite a feat seeing as the show was sold out. We had learned our lesson from the last show though and made our way down front quite early. Like the last show, Road To Nowhere is what broke it all open and by Naive Melody the place was a mad house. We got much closer this time too. Meanwhile, my mom and don stayed in their seats, but they both loved the show. Andrea and my view helped us better to see the crazy old lady who jumped up on stage near the 2nd encore and fawned all over David. No Frederick, that old lady wasn't named Me.

We tried stalking David at the swanky martini kind of bar on the roof of my mother's hotel, but no dice. Apparently we used up all of our luck and getting to see Howie Day there when we went up for Guster in January . Oh hoo-RAY for us. Not so much. Anyway, it was a great show and I really hope he's gonna end the tour on the East Coast like he did during the last tour. It looks like he's not going to Ohio or Florida during the whole tour though, so Scott and Petrarch, youse outta luck.

It's been real,

Mayor Hundred

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