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2002-08-15 - 6:56 p.m.

---------------MY WICKED AWESOME LINKS---------------

Google - Makes Yahoo its bitch in the ability to find weird shit across the internet. It's also responsible for directing so much traffic my way every time a person types in anything from "goo-b-gone" to "Jason Giambi Tattoos". Well, writing them again certainly isn't going to help matters. Sigh. - - This MUST Be The Place -

Dark Horizons - Where I get most of my advance movie news -

Newsarama - My comics news -

The 4th Rail - Comic Reviews Site; The one I trust the most -

PlanetSocks - Message Boards and Official Summaries done by some funny ass motherfuckers whose skillZ at Photoshop dwarf my slim to non-existent skillS. If you enjoy Real World, Road Rules, or RW/RR Battle/Challenge in the least, (or at least enjoy making fun of it - and by that I mean: Being low enough to wallow in it and be proud of it [ie - Becca, Brooke, myself]. I do NOT mean feeling you are too high-falutin' to enjoy trash like Reality TV [ie - Jimbo, Hannah E., God] than you owe it to yourselves to check the site out. -

TelevisionWithoutPity - Coty first introduced me to this site several years ago when it was known as MightyBigTV. It's still the same site, just a different name. Done in the same "we love it so much we've been forced to hate it and then love it again, only to finally, end up hating it" vein that realworldblows/planetsocks is done in, TWoP (for short) summarizes a HUGE number of shows. They have Boards for each show, and they even keep an archive for the older shows they used to recap but no longer do either due to cancellation or loss of "hip buzz". (Undeclared, Freaks And Geeks, Sports Night, and My So Called Life - you are the former. Temptation Island? You are the latter. Suddenly Susan? You were never "hip" to begin with) I mainly stick to the Sopranos, Alias, Lost, and NewsRadio boards -

eBay - Where Talking Heads and NewsRadio memorabilia bleed my paycheck dry. What's rent? -

Sifl & Olly Official Site - Where my favorite insane sock puppets of late 90's TV live on forever! The official site of the creators of Sifl, Olly, Chester, and yes, even Stealth and Precious Roy. - Guess why? Yes, the website for the most perfect of all of God's creations. Bit of Advice? Don't buy any posters from them. They will show up months later and mangled by wolves. Just saying is all . . . -

TCA Essay - This is the funniest fucking essay ever. But really only if you've seen The Chipmunk Adventure. Like 37 times. Which B-Slopp and I definitely have. Each. But yeah, this is by the same author that wrote the Oregon Trail essay that I was espousing in my third entry ever! -

The Simpsons Channel - Great site for up to the minute Simpsons news - future guest stars, schedule, DVD info, etc. -

Muppet Central - Best Muppet Site on the Internet. Go to this site or we'll fry the little F-O-R-G! -

The Leaky Cauldron - For up to the minute news on ANYTHING Harry Potter related - books, movies, merchandise - this is the site. HP4 movie = Fall '05, HP6 book = July '05 -

You Can't Do That On Television Official Site - You know you want it. -

SeanBaby - Funny, funny shit. Hilarious 8-bit mockery by our friends at Seanbaby. Seriously, it's funny. Just ask Fred, he'll tell you - Fred: "It's funny." -

TVShowsOnDVD - Free registration enables you to vote on any television show EVER made to show that you would like it to be released on DVD. Newsradio is high on the list but we need it higher! Go there NOW! Vote for NR, Sifl & Olly, Freaks and Geeks, The State, The Brak Show, Sealab 2021, Clone High, Dr. Katz, Quantum Leap, and any other show you think is worthy! (Unless it's Mad About You - then I'll stab you. In the neck.) -

Justin's Old Site - Your one stop shop for wrestling, praise for The Shield and Sopranos, and the journey towards the birth of the Powers spawn. Who could ask for anything more? I could. And I do. -

Justin's Current Site - His old site, "Better Than A Kick in the Nuts", begat this cleverly titled site, "Better Than ANOTHER Kick in the Nuts". Having children has certainly softened ol' J-Dawg, no? -

State Media - Everything you could ever want in a website. And more. Seriously. A website could spit canolis out at me and I wouldn't love it more than I love State Media. -

Homestar Runner! - Homestar! Marzipan! The Poopsmith! The Cheat! Coach Z! Pom-Pom! Bubs! And of course, Strong Bad!!!! (And yes, I meant to leave off King of Town and Strong Sad - they blow goats.) Go for the Homestar, stay for the Strong Bad. And learn to cherish Teen Girl Squad. I know this may all sounds like gibberish, but you'll learn. Oh . . . you'll learn. -

Real Ultimate Power! - Oh man oh man. You'd think you were on Governer's Island when you get to this site. It's friggin' crawling with ninjas. So much so that I almost crapped my pants. And be damned sure not to open any windows when there are ninjas in town because . . . you know . . . sometimes . . . they stab! -

Eliza's Journal! - "write in the palm of your hand" is the title to this former refu-G's website. Do you like people who don't like Bush? People who love the Sox? People who worked at toy stores? People who . . . wait a minute - I'm all these things too! Screw Eliza. Just read my site -

April's Journal! - Creatively titled, "April's Journal", our old New Jersified fink has plunged back into the world of 'blogging'. I know. I hate that word too. But apparently April is so full of herself that she feels the world needs to be updated on the minutae that is her life. Wait a minute. I'm suing for some sort of infringement! -

Boston Dirt Dogs - Man, what a season for my Sox. BDD is a lot like mushing the Onion and ESPN together, with an emphasis soley on the Sox. They got me through some hard times with the Sox this season, only to have us all bask in the wonderfulness that was the World Series win. Meanwhile, Ben is still crying in the corner -

Alias Media - Lots of cool shit: pics, clips, news, schedule, etc. all about Alias. The whole gang's there - Sydney, Vaughn, Dixon, Marshall, Will, Francie, Weiss, Sloane, Irina, Nadia, and . . . wait for it . . . our lord and master, Jack "Spy Daddy" Bristow! -

Lost Media - Same set up as Alias Media, except, you know, it's about Lost. So less spy hi-jinx and more polar bear wackiness! -

Brian K. Vaughan's Official Site - Run by the fantastically awesome writer B.K.V., go here for the latest debates and heaps of praise that rain down upon Ex Machina, Runaways, and his magnum opus, Y: The Last Man! -

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