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30on30: Desert Dessert Island

2008-08-28 - 9:23 a.m.

Listening To: Gaspar Lawal, R.E.M., The Doors

"At night, we swam at laughin' sea - When summer's gone, where will we be?" - The Doors

     Ok, I'm on a deserted island. Well, deserted of people. And magpies. And geckos. (Sorry Bombaci, I can't make it TOO easy.) And I can only bring 5 foods with me. They'll last forever, but it's all I can eat until the end of my days. Unless I find the frozen donkey wheel under the island in the ice chamber. But what sort of ridiculousness would THAT be?! So here we go:

1. Edamame - I like it. A lot. It's salty and crunchy and green. My three favorite things! Starting right now! I'd fashion a little coconut bowl for the edamame husks? skins? fleshpods? Whatever they're called. And no, the coconut doesn't count as one of the five things. Because it's my birthday, that's why.

2. Spaghetti Pie - my Mom used to make a great one. Now it's only ok. But I still love it. It's my favorite! Even though it's not salty, crunchy, or green. Well, maybe the way my mom makes it now it is, but it's not supposed to be.

3. Cherry/Pina Colada Mister Misty Freezes! - I'm on the losing side of the lactose war but since it's my birthday I'll say that I find a magic lotus flower on the island that lets me have dairy in joyful quantities! Hooray! Magic flower! And I shall drink this magical DQ drink all the day long. And sometimes even at night! I better call K.P. Her and her sisters are going to need to start stockpiling these for me if they're supposed to last forever.

4. Smiley's Taco Pizza - Man, this is a taco-y pizza. Each slice weighs roughly 7 pounds. That's more than I weighed when I was born. I think Garfield would like this pizza if it was called Lasagna Pizza, but it's not, so he probably wouldn't after all. BUT I LIKE IT! It's my favorite! It has taco chips and lettuce and tomatoes and other members of the taco family strewn about it! You need to split it with about 11 friends though. Sooooo . . . maybe I'll use some of the slices to build a fort to protect me from the island spirits. They can't see through dough. Because it's my birthday, that's why.

5. Canolis - Because they're my favorite! And I'll need something for dessert after all those Mister Misty Freezes! Canolis are great! Also, my favorite.

     It's been real,


p.s. - What, dear reader, would you take to the island? You can share from some of my list, but you can't take the whole thing! That's intellectual copyright! Or something.

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