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30on30: 11 Streets

2008-08-28 - 1:50 p.m.

Listening To: The Police, Badfinger, Bob Seager

"Another suburban family morning - grandmother screaming at the wall." - The Police

I started on Washington - not once but twice
Ice in my brain after I left

A brief stopover at Weirs
Steers me from boulevards to streets

A trip starts at boy on Holman
Whole man departs, wicker and all

Whisked away to Granite Square
Fair or fate would rollercoaster still

Twenty-one rang in amongst the bodies of Davidson
Native son leaves for the last time, looking back for salt

Piscataqua tumbled down the highway, usually drunk
Funk rarely lifted, spots of color flit

Lilac packed a punch - filling everyone's dance card
Hard times to follow, but blinders squarely

The Silver shined, but it's luster lost
Cost of friendship too high, truth too low

Bumrushed to Woodbridge, border line saved
Caved relationships lead to a new scene from the ashes

Menageries at Richmond, rooms are humming
Coming in for unity, leaving for unity.

     It's been real,


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