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2009-03-02 - Super Powered Sounds #2

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Super Powered Sounds #2

2009-03-02 - 5:12 p.m.

Number of Showers I've Taken Today: Three (3)

Listening To: Forro In The Dark, The Changes, Tom Waits, Pet Shop Boys

"Quote: "I'm terrible at pretty things." - Bryan, to Zach, on his attempt to "ice" the icebox cakes

     Happy Snow Day to you all! Or should I say, Happy Shoveling Until Your Knees Crack In Half Day? Perhaps, Happy Don't Try To Be A Nice Guy And Dig Out Your New Neighbor's Car Because You'll Just Slip On The Ice And Slide Under Her Car Day? No? Too much of a mouthful? Speaking of mouthfuls, I think there's a popcorn kernal skin thing that's implanted itself in my mouth and is feeding me radio waves from a Big Band station in the Pacific southwest. I could be wrong, Gods know - but I had popcorn on Saturday and all day while I was shoveling I kept hearing Big Band songs in my head. Occam's Razor, people. Occam's? Razor.


     So, I welcome you to the second paragraph or the second installment of Super Powered Sounds! Are you enjoying yourself? Grab some snack mix. Don't worry, I didn't pick out all the wasabi peas. I don't care for them myself, too spicy. Speaking of spicy, let's take a gander at this doozy of a denizen of the deep: "The Mighty Caped Water Creature"! The Mighty Caped Water Creature, or just, "The W.C." for short, is based in - where else? - the Lakes Region of N.H. The W.C. roams the watery highways of the Lakes Region using his trademark Derision-Vision on the unsuspecting tourists of the area that so plague his alter-ego on a daily basis. Whether they be French-Canadian leaf peepers, Mass-holes, White Collar Professionals letting their freak flag fly during Bike Week, Inuits during the Sled Dog Derby, fans of The Gambler during Kenny Rogers Weekend at Meadowbrook, or rich kids from Connecticut getting snowboarding lessons at Gunstock - he shall vanquish them all with steel eyed rigidity. His Derision-Vision is so powerful that he wears special lenses to try to temper the transmogrifying effects of his raucous retinas. When the W.C. turns his gaze upon you, your insides begin to congeal and finally harden into stone. This causes no pain, as your entire body has been turned into granite. The Mighty Caped Water Creature then uses his Abenaki Trident to further morph his now gargoylized villain into a small rock, roughly 2 1/2 to 4 feet in length and no more than 3 feet high. His methods seem harsh - this is true - but, then again, damned French Canadians should know better than coming to peep leaves and then claiming, when dining out, that they didn't know leaving a tip was customary. That really slings the Water Creature's hash. Burns his biscuits, even.

     The W.C. is rumoured to have three distinct bases of operation with which he uses to fight crime and ne'er-do-wellery from:

     #1. Endicott Rock, Weirs Beach, Lake Winnipesaukee
     On nights when the moonlight is quite low, The W.C. has been known to leap to the top of Endicott Rock, and use his Abenkai Trident to make the arm of the Stone Native American slowly fall to its side. In doing so, the bars of Endicott Rock vanish and The W.C. retreats down the spiral staircase to his subterranean lair with which he has easy access to the Weirs Channel.

     #2. Raccoon's Cliff, Lake Winnisquam

     Drunken high school revelers have reported that the Mighty Caped Water Creature has been seen walking through the two above trees and whispering an Atlantean word that grants him access to an underwater secret lair that is disguised by what looks like pine needle and tree bark debris.

     #3. Lakeport Dam, Paugus Bay / Lake Opechee

     The area that the Mighty Caped Water Creature has been spotted the most times over his crimefighting career would have to be pacing anxiously on his Observation Deck . . . Of Justice! atop Lakeport Dam. Many have tried to breach his extra security measures at this location in order to learn more of the W.C.'s secrets and perhaps harness his incredible power. All, however, have been thrown off by his lifelike decoys of seagulls and ducks. Interlopers become so befuddled by the dastardly decoys that they plummet into the depths below the dam where the W.C. keeps his pet man-eating eels. It doesn't end well.


     This grisly photograph serves two purposes. It not only shows the macabre piles of all of the transmogrified foes of the Mighty Caped Water Creature, but also shows the emergency exit from his 3rd hideout. When responding to a call of tourist-related bullshittery upon a native Lakes Regionite, The W.C. dives into the eel-filled depths (they're trained not to eat their master) and gets shot out of the Magic Chute towards the direction of the emergency! The Magic Chute is so magic that it can't even be typed about any more than this.

[My thanks go out to R.J. Morten of Laconia, NH who did additional reporting for this story.]


     Oh, what a find we have here! A rotating, loose group of musicians in the late 1960's - culled from bands such as The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Byrds, and Strawberry Alarm Clock - Folk Tales From Chile had aborted two previous attempts to put their unique Americana / Country-Rock / Rock-Country / proto-Rap sound on to vinyl. The infamous lost first album was entitled, "Nana Peach's Regrets" and only one copy existed. It was said to have been buried in Yasgur's field during Woodstock as those who had listened to it said it would so blow the minds of anyone that would hear that it had to be hidden forever. The fear was that even if the Beatles, the Stones, or Bob Dylan himself heard the record, they would cease recording all together, never being able to top the auditory climaxes achieved on "Nana Peach's Regrets". It remains to this day the Jimmy Hoffa of Popular Music. Their second attempt at recording a collection of their songs was in early 1970 and was entitled, "Camp Sunshine". Similar actions were taken to hide this recording in the same fashion as, "Peach", but for the opposite reason. Made mostly under the influence of particularly potent peyote, "Sunshine" was a muddied, muddled, mottled mess. This wouldn't even stop The Monkees or 1910 Fruit Gum Company from recording (if anything, it would have spurred them to greater heights of self-confidence). The legendarily awful album was strapped to a school bus with the words "Camp Sunshine" emblazoned on its sides and blown up with dynamite.

     After such dizzying highs and terrifying lows, all Folk Tales from Chile were hoping for with their third (and only) released studio album, "Richer Fruits Than Strict Justice", was attaining a creamy middle. They more than succeeded. Released in March of 1971 (with a remastered double disc full of unreleased material - though none from "Peach" - seeing release in 2002), "Fruits" was thought to have been a nod to the lost "Peach" recordings and a hint that this album was to be even better than what legend and myth had contributed to their lost premiere album; hence, "Strict Justice". None of the members of the band (A. Gale, D. Malorkus, H.R. Jill, or P.E. Burton) would ever confirm or deny this claim outright. But with such songs as, "Strolling Down Lilac Lane", "Touche, Pinochet!", and "A Shower For My Family", the album stayed on the charts until November of 1971 - a feat only surpassed in 1977 by Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors".

     There had been talk for years, (until Don McLean himself disputed it in a 1987 Rolling Stone interview) that the original title of "American Pie" was "American Peach Pie" in honor of Folk Tales From Chile. With only one surviving member still with us (Jill), all talk of a Folk Tales From Chile reunion have ended.

[My thanks go out to R. Presher, newly of Sanbornton, N.H. for burning this album for me and forcing me to listen to it after years of refusing to believe the hype.]

          It's been real,

               Dan Dreiberg

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