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This Is Summer (b)

2007-07-17 - 10:53 p.m.

Lack of Dino-Bots in Transformers Movie: Sad, but understandable

Listening To: The crickets in the gecko chamber

Quote: "I have a sack." - Kate, to Zach, about the testicle looking keys in her pocket

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We just got back from Dos Amigos and Shan-Y, Ben Cole, Hayley, Kate and myself are ready to dive in to our Mexican goodness. Kate is walking Shan-Y and B.C.'s dog Luna when we finish and the other fronds are all hip-deep in comic goodness. I'm glad Shannon and Ben are here from Virginia. I miss them. I miss Ben's quiet self-assurance and Shannon's loud kookiness. I miss Hayley's Hayleyness. Oh wait, I get plenty of that still. Kate still likes food and business so there's not too much to miss there. And Jason is here too!

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See! I told you! There he is! Up on the railing! See him overseeing us all in our kooky finery.

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And Ben and his dog! See! They love each other! Some quotes from the day:

"You know, I almost feel bad about eating a York Peppermint Patty before coming to Dos Amigos, but . . . I don't." - Kate, to Zach

"What do we do at Dos Amigos if we're Vegan?!" - Shan-Y, "Kid . . . just eat the fucking corn!" - Zach, to Shan-Y

"The dragonfruit flavor is my favorite Vitamin Water flavor." - Zach, to Shan-Y, "Friend, dragons don't lay fruits." - Shan-Y, to Zach

This is Summer

It's been real,


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