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Stupid Selfish Columbine

2002-04-08 - 11:11 a.m.

Ok, So I totally fell asleep in film class this morning - again. They're gonna start calling me Narco. Whatever, it's not my fault, we had to set the clocks back (or ahead, I don't know) so now I feel like it's 5:30 Central Mean time or something. Is it really that bad that the kid next to me had to wake me up because I was stopping the flow of hand-outs getting passed down the row? Whatever. I'm going to paint open eyes on my glasses and then I'll be able to sleep in peace M+W 8-10.

Yeah, so I was reconsidering my last entry. Specifically - talking about Rick ditching out on KitH 48 hours before the show. I guess I should have actually, been, I DON'T KNOW - MEAN! Oh well, it's too late now, my dinosaur brain is too full of other things.

Ok, as far as ER goes here's the thing: Yes, Mark, you're sick, and it's sad, and everyone is sad, and sad sad sad, but JUST DIE ALREADY. No more of this "Guess what? I'm gonna die . . .just kidding, hold that thought for about, ummmmm, 10 months." Granted, it will make Elizabeth too depressing a character to watch next season, but if Mark's dirt nap makes more room for my darling Abby (AKA - my darling Lisa) than all the better.

Well, Buckethead Wendy says she wants me to go five minutes without writing in this damned thing so I will respect her wishes.

It's been real,

Howlin' Mad Murphy

ps - I think the headline "Maine Hockey SLAUGHTERS UNH" is a little much. Especially in this post-Columbine world we live in. Because, you know, Hockey was starting to get this warm fuzzy stereotype and they felt they needed to inject some violent imagery in order to liven it up again. ("When girl killing pucks just aren't enough, we can always report that Maine has CANNIBALIZED UNH!") My old roommate's birthday was the same as Columbine. I'm glad Columbine wasn't on my birthday. I already have to deal with the spectre of stupid Princess Diana hovering around my birthday, the last thing I'd need on my birthday would be the stress of Columbine anniverseries. Stupid selfish Columbine.

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