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This Is Summer (h)

2007-07-18 - 8:04 a.m.

Unrealistic HP7 Hope: An entire chapter devoted to the sweetness that is Lupin

Listening To: The birds going ape outside my window in some sort of Bird War '07

Quote:"That girl is dressed up like Cho Chang!"- Z, "I don't think she can help it."-Hayley

Hayley and I had bought tickets early - thank God! - because here we are at the theater an hour before midnight and the lines are still out the door and they've totally sold out FIVE THEATERS! It seems like Hayley and I were just at Goblet of Fire but I guess on further recall, that was a lifetime ago. People are dressed up like the characters and this place is a total fucking mad house. Even though we came in an HOUR early, Hadlee and I are having trouble finding seats for TWO PEOPLE. Everyone is a buzz about the movie though and you can tell the impending release of HP7 is making people electric as well. The lights go down and everyone just erupts. It's only the previews but we know we're that much closer to meeting Luna, Tonks, and Bellatrix for the first time on screen. Midnight showings may seem a little ridiculous, and God knows I'll be paying for this tomorrow, but the communal energy I've experienced with HP, Spider-Man, X-Men, etc. during midnight showings is just something that can never be replicated during a matinee or a DVD viewing. When we are released back into the still, hot, July air in 2 1/2 hours I won't have one regret.

This is Summer.

It's been real,


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