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This Is Summer (g)

2007-07-18 - 7:31 a.m.

Latest Determination: Flossing Regularly

Listening To: BNL, The Beatles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Air, The Smiths

Quote:"That's sacreligious!" - Monique, to Zach, after he does something very sacreligious

We're standing on the yacht club docks looking off into the horizon where we can see the bridge that brought us from Atlantic City

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days before. We're relaxing now as the sun is setting. Dinner will be served soon, and then we'll dance, dance, and also? Dance. Tim and Jackie got married on the beach hours before

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and now we're at the reception celebrating this fact. Ocean City, New Jersey is a beautiful place. For a dry town, I've We've certainly been doing more than our fair share of drinking. The rehersal dinner at family beach houses ended up seeing the cobbling together of one of history's largest Flip Cup tourneys. It was a three table affair

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that lasted far into the evening. But there's been plenty of downtime for us to be able to relax as well. Brooke and Kyle took it easy this morning (understandably), but I managed to con Monique into going to Gorilla Golf with me

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at lunch time before the wedding. Oh how I was looking forward to Gorilla Golf this entire weekend! She beat me, but we BOTH got holes in one. Besides, who really keeps score when they're playing miniature golf, right? Oh, you say everyone does? Fine. She beat me fair and square. TC and Jackie were already introduced officially as husband and wife and rumba'd their little hearts out and finished the whole choreographed fantasy with a classy touch

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that certainly made my heart melt. If, you know, I had a heart. Evie has been a little firecracker the whole time and I don't think there's a word for "ridiculously un-shy" in all of English or Dutch to describe how social she's been. She's also enjoyed the view

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from the docks as much as we have. Now that the dancing has begun she looks like a top that got let loose on the parquet that will never topple over. As Evie flies

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around the dance floor, with the world blurring right past her, we dance into the night and our lives continue on, as weddings happen, cocktail parties surface, shirts get ironed, tires get kicked, funerals protest us, orders get faxed, hair gets cut, meat gets grilled, and beds get made. And this?

This is Summer.

It's been real,

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