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Not The Same

2004-09-08 - 7:37 p.m.

Trying To Still Wrap My Head Around The Last 3 Weeks?: Yes

Listening To: Furious Rod, Beck, TMBG

Quote: "You know Hayley will pick God over you. You know it." - Al-Y, to Zach

"26?!", sung to the tune of Ben Fold's "Not The Same"


We took a trip / To R.B.D.*

For Z. Quinn Foote’s party

Most of us stayed / ‘Til Morning Came

And we were not the same after that

We played beirut / And rounds of cards

And watched “Wet Hot” 100 times

The Vegans, they / Ate Cheddarwurst

And they were not the same after that

No they were not the same after that

There was far too much animal fat

We saw the K-Slopp drink

And Eldridges two-fold

Even the Mad Dog showed up

With his fireman plates

Rex & Todd were hangin’ on

On Rich they were hangin on . . .

Monique took the pie

3 slices – oh my!

And eased her hunger pains and for that

Rick was muckled, he did not chuckle

And he was not the same after that

100 degrees, and lots of fleas,

We needed Cutter bug spray after that

Cameron’s hair was punk, Peter’s stomach in a funk

And they were not the same after that

Rach brought scrumptious cookies

Mindy sought my camera

Titie made me a sweet shirt

Rich, Zach, and then Alex

Broke the tequila out

The room was spinnin’ round

Yes it was spinnin’ round . . .

Hayley & Bryan left for Church

Left Al-Y and Shan-Y in the lurch

Jeff called Mike queer, on his head poured a beer

And they were not the same after that.

No, they weren’t so dry after that.

* - R.B.D. = Rollinsford Business District


It's been real,

Uncle Walter

ps - Expect a real entry covering all the insanity (in non-lyrical form) tonight or Thursday morning.

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