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(Don't Touch) Killing Poison!

2002-04-10 - 3:33 p.m.

Ok. So yeah. First let me just say this. Monday night I had this crazy dream. I won't go into all of it, since it would take hours and anyone who has heard some of my dreams in their entirety (i.e.-Fred) will admit that they can eat a man's soul just in their retelling. (Hmmmmm, maybe *that's* his ax to grind. . .) Anyway, I'll just say that it took place at a party at my old house on Holman St, and everyone was really drunk, and Brad (?!) was there and was in charge of making sure nothing got broken, but instead he just kept sending Conner into my room to annoy me (I'm censoring this part a bit). ANYWAY, long dream, short. I went downstairs because I was told that my dad had gotten back early from his party (?!) and he was pissed about all the people there. So I went down there and then I heard a weird noise that sounded like clothes hangers getting banged around upstairs. So I ran back up into my room and found Ben and Aneesa (the black lesbian from Real World: Chicago) in my closet having sex. I don't know what's more sad: That I dream about this kind of shit or that my dreams USUALLY involve juxtapositions of celebrities, my friends, and time travel. Oh well.

So yeah. Kids in the Hall was WICKED fun. Fred, Ricky, and I went in 2000 (also at the Orpheum) and it was just as good if not better this time. Andrea, Phil, Fred + I were in the balcony and Ben, Tim, Jimbo + Kelly (who made the last minute save with the 8th ticket) sat below us in the orchestra seats. There was no problems hearing them AT ALL. Most of the time I couldn't believe how LOUD it was. As usual, Dave and Bruce were my favorite, with an honorable mention going to Scott. Mark was good, and I will finally go on record and end my love embargo (with Thomas Jefferson's permission) of Kevin and admit that he too made me laugh. The Citizen Kane skit, Hecubus, Dr. Suess Bible, the Surprise Party, and Running Faggot were highlights. Also, the short film they made about how they got back together for the tour ("The Call") was EXTREMELY funny and as an added bonus, the film featured everybody's favorite Geek: Bill Haverchuck!! That made me happy. But what made me even happier?! Perhaps Bruce mentioning Dave and Newsradio!!! They did it for Me, I just know it.

I couldn't believe how warm it was last night. It was as warm as really warm corn right after it comes out of the pot. As usual, we took a Ben Walden patented "short cut" and didn't get home until past midnight, but that was ok. I got to see Kids in the Hall (again!), the Red Sox won, and stupid Cleveland and Atlanta lost. The only thing that would have made the day perfect is if the ass-punching Yankees lost. Then Ben would've cried. I like it when Ben cries.

Seriously, if Comedy Central plays Soul Man one more fucking time I'm going to go to their offices with the Walden family's bottle of "(Don't Touch) Killing Poison" and decimate them all. THE MOVIE IS NOT FUNNY. C. Thomas Howell in black face is not funny. This movie makes me develop a nervous twitch that should in no way be mistaken for laughter.

That's all. I wish I didn't eat all my lunchables. Sigh.

It's been real,

Flying Pig

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