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Lunchables & The Holocaust Tunnel

2002-04-09 - 1:20 p.m.

Why is it so hot? I mean, I know Durham is closer to the equator than Laconia, but I've been here in Durham/Dover a long time and you'd think I'd be used to it. And I wore my big PARKA this morning. And it's so hot. And I hate it. But I do like that windows are open in class now. And it is breezy and you can hear the birds sing and you can hear the clanging of the fire truck go by and you can hear the person under the window who is smoking a cigarette spit on to the pavement. Spring is definitely here! Chirp chirp.

So here's a fun way to start your sunny Tuesday morning on campus. The Holocaust Tunnel. Yup. Lots of fun times in the Holocaust Tunnel. Except by "fun" I mean crippling depression. At Thompson Hall, which is pretty much the center of campus, you have to go under this big brick archway in order to cross over to the side of the campus where the library is. (Or you could just go behind Thompson Hall, but let's ignore that for now). Anyway, set up under the arch, or as I call it, "tunnel", is this table with a sign on it that says something like "Remembering The Holocaust". Behind the table is a student with reams of paper with names on them. He is slowly reading them off in this deep somber voice by saying their full name, and the year they were killed in the concentration camps. And I had to go through the tunnel three times too. So yeah. Can't wait to go to Boston and have fun that is funny now that I've had my morning death camp pep talk.

Speaking of Boston, 5 rounds of applause for Jimbo for stepping up and using one of the Kids in the Hall tickets. Now if we can just find one more degenerate with similar comedic tastes we will be golden. Well, Tim Curtis will be golden, it is HIS money we're talking about.

I'm so hungry. I'm so so hungry. And I want a Moe's Sub, but I had one yesterday, and when Peter was here last week, so I will be good and not have one today. Instead I will go home and eat 3 Lunchables. That will be MUCH better for me. Memo to Lunchables: Capri Sun wasn't fashionable when it was fashionable, it's time to tell 1989 you're through. How sad that it's come to the point that I eat better when I'm at the mall?!? 4 whole days without an Au Bon Pain turkey sandwich on toasted white with cheddar, lettuce, and cucumbers!! What am I to do?! (The preceeding use of the word "sandwich" was brought to you by the letters "K, S, L, O, & P".)

So here's the deal. "Our Nig"? Actually a really good book. Takes place in Milford, NH to boot. (That's not really supposed to be a selling point, I just thought I'd throw it in there for local flavor) AND I actually went off talking about it in class today. But when I was talking about it I had that weird thing that sometimes happens to me in class where I'll start talking about something but then my brain takes off and starts like playing poker with friends. And I'll be thinking: "Hmmmm, I sound like I'm goin' off about somethin'. Hope I'm makin' sense. Hmmmm, I should probably wrap this up." And then the only thing I'll catch me saying is usually the end which almost always goes something like: "I don't know, maybe you don't agree, but that's what I think." And then I look around the class all paranoid 'cause for all I know I just took 3 minutes of class time to exclaim: "Jeeber, Jeeber? Jeeber, Jeeber. I don't know, maybe you don't agree, but that's what I think." That used to happen to me during long chunks of shows during high school too. Freakish huh? Then again, it wasn't always my brain that betrayed me in shows, it was often playing tricks on Ricky (like stealing his lighter, putting rotten potatos in his bed during "Anne Frank" -a show that was even more depressing than Thompson Hall could ever hope to be-, or Monique and I giving him WAY too big a piece of Orange Cake and Ricky almost choking on it and dying.) That would get us every time. Then of course Ricky would be madder than a wet hen and Monique and I would be in the dog house and it would usually take an offering of a Big Slam Mountain Dew from LHOP to appease him.

Man, I wish it was time for me to go home and eat those lunchables now. I've been trying to figure out how to get the "notes" tool working, so people who read this can leave their gross adulation of my mad phat skillz (but more than likely bitchings like: "How come you didn't mention me?" or "Please don't mention me, I don't want people to know I have any connection to you whatsoever"). I know you have to go to my profile screen (listed below) and then to the "Leave ZQF8 a note" link, but then I get confused. But I'll keep working on that . . .(I don't want to be accused of forgetting the little people -such as Tad & Lester- and losing my link to the vox populi. . .) <-- dork

Well, I'm getting booted from the Computer Cluster because I have been *allegedly* chewing on the mouse cord for an hour. While I don't think I was, you can't blame a man pre-lunchables for chewing on electronics.

It's been real,

Mobab von Hoffman*

*-yup, your favorite . . .

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