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2002-04-15 - 10:37 a.m.

So of course I stayed up and watched Adult Swim until Home Movies came on again. The Brak Show, as usual, was a masterpiece (although that's not very difficult when your next door neighbor is the *cough* award-winning *cough* yeah-right *cough* Aqua Teen Hunger Force). It takes quite a bit to make me laugh so hard I cry. Clue can do it. The Chipmunk Adventure can (unintentionally) do it. Simpsons Seasons 4-7 can do it. Newsradio can do it. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle can do it. And now I can add The Brak Show (with healthy helpings of hilarity from those fignuts on Sealab 2021) to that list. Honestly, this is the best 15 minute, late night cartoon, spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off of a show that is on televison right now(*). You're missing a piece of your soul if you are not watching this show on Cartoon Network Sunday nights.

I'm going to argue against conventional logic for a second and declare that The Great Taste of Waking up is not in actuality Folgers in Your Cup, but Waiting 15 Minutes in the Rain for a Bus that's Late that Makes One Late for Their Meeting at Which Everyone Actually Shows Up for Except the GIRL that REQUESTED the MEETING BE AT SEVEN A.M.

So yeah - I think *that's* the great taste.

If someone ever finds themselves in my living quarters and sees a phone book, a dictionary (regular or French to English), Harry Potter 4, or anything by James Mitchner sitting suspiciously in the middle of the floor I don't recommend picking it up. Chances are the still wriggling corpse of a hog-sized wolf spider is still under it. "As long as I live I will never understand how someone who likes Spider-Man as much as you do can absolutely hate regular ol' spiders!" - A nugget of wisdom from Les Foote

Um, ok:


Big difference.

I'm tired. And I'm mad that I can't find that Sealab 2021 tape I need for class. Oh well. It rained really hard last night. It woke me up. I was scared. And then I fell asleep and had a dream about robots. I like robots.

It's been real,

Top Cat

(*) - Space Ghost (the 1960's version) spun off Space Ghost: Coast to Coast (in the 90's), which spun off Cartoon Planet, which spun off The Brak Show Starring Brak, which spun off The Brak Show. Got it dude? Good.

ps - "Of course he was *blue* - It was Huckleberry Hound, MOTHER."

-Brak, on The Brak Show, explaining the identity of the famous cartoon dog that ate his dead grandfather's nose that had been bequeathed to Brak in an effort to help him "get some action" from some foxy ladies.

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