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30on30: Zach's Letter To The Corinthians

2008-08-28 - 7:28 a.m.

Listening To: Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Radiohead,

"You can keep the furniture - A bump on the head - Howling down the chimney." - Radiohead

Apparently all anyone ever did in the Olde Biblical Tymes was write letters to the Corinthians. People would just drop whatever they were doing and use the 3 Wise Men Express to send a quick note off to Corinthia about any little blip on the Bethlehem radar. Today, we read from Simon's letter to Corinthians in which he squeals like a little bitch about how Zebedee borrowed from Peter to pay Paul. Those Corinthians had to be the most well-informed sons-of-bitches in the whole Bible. I can only imagine the Corinthians reaction when they got the postcard letting them know that Odin had to remove his own eye at Mimir's Well in order to gain knowledge - or get a drink, it was one or the other. Either way, I bet the Corinthians were wicked grossed out! Am I right? If ever should the time come that I shuffle off to the buffalo coil I want someone to insist there be a reading from Zach's Letter to the Corinthians! You must honor my wishes!!! So says the law of the blog! (Not to be confused with Bob Lawblaw's Law Blog.) In Zach's Letter to the Corinthians we learn of the parable of Hinemo. Hinemo was a vailiant lad who found out later in life that he was lactose intolerant but he kept digesting dairy in spite of himself. How could he give up dairy?! It was such a friend to him for all those years! But eventually he learned instead of totally giving up on sweet, sweet Calcium, he could just temper his intake severely - just not entirely. Plus, Hinemo realzied XXX Vitamin Water was like fruity crack and it'd do just fine. Except it didn't taste very good with Apple Jacks. Expectedly though, it made Berry Berry Kix a smashing treat!

It's been real,


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