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35.5 / 35.5

2005-10-16 - 10:42 p.m.

Playmobil I Got The Angriest At Today: Tie between the large fire truck and the pirate ship

Listening To: Fiona Apple, The Doors, 10cc, Echo & The Bunnymen

Quote: "Your bitterness is exceeded only by your smelliness." - Justin, to Zach

Well I guess it's all pumpkiny and foggy and leafy and full moony and bats are in the belfry and all sorts of autumnal goodness. Or crispness. Ohhhh. I want an apple crisp. Or a rhubarb crisp. Actually, I don't want a rhubarb crisp. It reminds of me the person I always think of when I think of rhubarb. Because we'd always steal it from neighborhood gardens and eat it raw until our faces would turn in on themselves due to the freakish sourness. What a bunch of Tom & Huck rhubarb stealing ne'er-do-wells we were. And now one of us is just getting splattered with creasote while the other one is putting the finishing touches on his new life of hollow fuckitude. Whatever. I know what I mean. The important thing to take from this is that fall always smells like smoked meat. And it makes me live in my favorite sweatshirt even more than I already was.

So today was Day 35. Day motherfucking shitspackling cockpotatopeeling THIRTY-FIVE. Well, now that today's shift is over I guess it's 35.5. Of 71. So I suppose I'm at the EXACT halfway point. 35.5 more to go! How on Earth did I get talked into this?! Oh yeah, I talked myself into it so I could afford to simply have water and light and eat and afford gas. And that's just gas for one of my many luxury cars. Just kidding, I can only afford one. Who do you think I am, the Shah of Eliot?! If I'm coasting on fumes at this point, I can only imagine what I'm going to be like in a few weeks. Have to keep telling myself it's worth it. That having dreams while I'm still awake is worth it. That having no social life anymore is worth it. That never getting enough sleep is worth it. That getting in a shouting match with Kenichi earlier is worth it. [He always needs to get the last word!] I missed out on Cam-bot's 2nd birthday party earlier today. I can't believe it's already been a year since his 1st birthday! Or for that matter, 2 years since he was born!! I try in vain to schedule social visits with such far-flung friends as Annie (VT.), Beth & Ryan (recently relocated to Bristol), the newly reacquainted Steph (LA), etc. Shannon & Matt are having a get-together next week and due to my working TWO jobs on Saturdays I doubt I'll be able to make it. If it wasn't for Ben Cole and Shan-Y's standing invite for Alias parties every Thursday, I'd never see them. I haven't seen Aly since we went camping, which wasn't all that long ago, but considering I used to see her almost every day, it sucks. I see Hayley since she works at Starbucks and that's quite close to the 7th letter of the alphabet, aka - my 2nd job. I never see Kyle and Brooke anymore, but they're in the process of moving into a new house, so that's understandable. I haven't seen Jeff since my party. I feel bad that I've only seen Amy once since she got back from Tahoe. And if it wasn't for the random "Benervention" (copyright - Hayley) now and again, I'd never see TC either. I guess the moral of the story is, I suck. Work sucks. And all I do is work, work, work. Makes for hilarious reading no?

I'm thinking of not cutting my hair anytime soon. Which is one way of saying, I'm thinking of letting my hair grow out. Any thoughts? God, is this entry fucking boring or what? Also, Titie is so freaking close to having that baby that she ain't just whistling Dixie. Or something. Peter's mom arrived last week and the baby countdown is officially on, we just don't know what day we're counting to. My money is before Friday. But I don't have any money, so I wouldn't put much stock into that. I wish I knew where I could get them some cool baby toys. Oh wait, do babies like airhorns and electric winches?! Because if so . . . I may be sitting on a goldmine! Or a landmine. I can never tell the difference.

I'm not entirely thrilled with either Alias or Lost thus far. They need to shape up. Arrested Development, as always, is sublime. But is also on hiatus because of baseball. Stupid non-Red Sox playing baseball. Do me a favor and watch Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential when they're back from baseball exile, ok? Monday nights from 8 - 9. Tell them Bob Lablow sent you.

I need to schedule an eye exam. Which costs money. And then I need to buy new glasses. Which costs more money. I am leaning towards the black rectangular frames that seem all the rage these days. I'm nothing if not hip towards a trend that's 14 minutes into its fame. If it's good enough for Chuck Klosterman and Peter . . .

I mean, my mother always asked me, "If Peter jumped off the Messer St. Bridge, would you?" And I always answered yes. I always answered yes.

It's been real,


ps - The month of October has been kind to new and hilarious quotes, click HERE for new quote goodness!

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