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2009-08-17 - On Our Next Episode . . .

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On Our Next Episode . . .

2009-08-17 - 9:49 p.m.

     Hi kids.

     Getting ready to pull up some stakes, but the tent won't be packed for long. Hopefully keeping it this side of the tracks.

     I should really run a 5k by the end of the summer so to better give the season a more bookend-y quality. And if I love anything, it's bookend-y qualities. I started the Season o' Fun at the beginning of May by running a 5k and debuting my stand up material to the masses for the first time. Come September, there'll be another ArtsFest show. So the least I can do is another 5k. Or sign-up for the iditarod. Either/or.

     Oh yes - I nearly forgot (no, I didn't) that whole tent stakes getting pulled up thing from above. I'm slated to move out of ol' 19Y come this late September / early October. Monique's moving down to the area and we're getting a place together. Some may say we're moving too fast. Those people would be crazy. We've been doing this dance off and on since we were teenagers. And by my clock, I'll be 31 at the end of this month.

     THIRTY-ONE?!?! Wasn't I only 11 years old when I first started this blog?? [Ed. Note: He was only 23 years old.] We're looking for a place here in Dover. Everyone is pretty excited. I know I am. Niko and Misha are going to rock the Garrison City. I only wish Kannerson was here to greet them.

     I'm watching "Michael & Michael Have Issues" with Kung Fu Panda & Jamie. It's hotter than a gas station chicken & broccoli lean pocket outside. (Today it was roughly a g. s. c. & b. HOT pocket, but it's cooled down a bit.) I drove to York Harbor beach after work, floated in the ocean, watched the sun go down, read some of the Hunter S. Thompson oral biography I bought for the plane trip to Chicago, and then drove home. I brought Kung Fun out for ice cream at Golick's and broke the news to him about my autumnal departure. That's always the best way with Panda: Try to blind him with Kahlua Chip ice cream before telling him bad news. I tried this before with him when I had to tell him that Helen Hunt Smile Time Variety Hour was canceled. It wasn't pretty then, either.

     I'm still here. Things are about to get interesting.

               It's been real,



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