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30on30: Titular Musings

2008-08-28 - 2:00 p.m.

Listening To: The Rolling Stones, Heart, Starship (can we tell Classic Rock is on at work?)

"Sell me, sell you, the porpoise said - dive down deep down to save my head." - Heart

Born one year after '77, naked and mewing - a new morning 30 years ago. My parents look into the eyeball of their baby - me! Uh-oh! Had I been grown backwards, and started at 30 only to be at 0 in these modern times, I'd have lost my language and would be speaking in tongues. Oh mercy would that have been a strange sight! But take a revolver to my head and I'd still swear that these were all true stories. But should you desire to shoot me for refusing to stop making sense, I may end up needing someone's help to stop me from becoming blood on the tracks. Having been shot, I'd become so delirious you may feel that I'd be in a state of time out of mind. But you should just let it be and leave me to remain in light while staring at my self portrait. Have no fear of music that I make, it will not hurt my feelings either yesterday . . . or today.

Whatever and ever, Amen.

It's been real,


ps - Well, who can spot them all? What's the final total? Peter and Rich P. - I'm counting on you!

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