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Trivial Pursuits

2007-07-30 - 7:47 p.m.

Favorite Current E-mail Mood: Inappropriate

Listening To: Portishead, The Zombies, Moxy Fruvous

Quote:"I need to wash the brain bits off me." - Jason, to Zach, post woodchuck massacre

I just took an extra shower. If you were to believe my away message you'd think all I ever did was shower. But that's what you'd get for believing my away message.

Did I already mention that Jason was moving out at the end of the summer? Now I did. And I know I didn't mention that Big Nick is also moving out at the end of the summer. I know I didn't mention that since I just found out myself yesterday morning before I left for Aly's bbbq. Jamie has already moved in and Pat is moving in at the end of the summer. But that will still leave us down one roommate. Anyone looking for a place in Dover? If I web you? It means, "you've got the apartment!" Please tell me more than one of you gets that. Anyway, I'll be the last man standing of the original 4 of us that moved in here. You can always count on ZQF to be the last one left to be cleaning out the grease stains from the oven and trying against all sense to clean paint off bricks that never should have had paint on them to begin with. What can I say? We make stupid mistakes in our youth. We do in adulthood too. We just jazz them up and call them "transgressions".

My spider-sense went through the roof today. I have absolutely no idea why . . . but I'm keeping my ears and eyes open. I don't trust you Doctor Octopi and Autobus Goblins as far as I can throw you! (And with my bad knee . . .)

After Aly's funtime bbbq in Scarborough on Sunday afternoon, I met Peter, TC, Jeff, and Frederick for a showing of The Simpsons Movie. I'm glad I got to see it with the four of them. With the possible exception of not having Ricky there, it was the perfect combination of old skool Simpsons fans. I only wish they had placed some sort of Troy McLure and/or Lionel Hutz building and/or reference in the film. When you get to the Tom Hanks part you will die a little bit inside because as funny as it is, you just know it would have originally been done by Troy. Anyway. Sigh. Ok. I better now. Go see the movie. It's perfectly cromulent.

If any of you had the displeasure of seeing my raccoon wounds this last week or so [raccoon wounds = freakish, 2nd degree, acid bubbling sunburn I have on my chest/shoulders/stomach] then count yourself among the lucky. You won't have to pay for years of therapy in an attempt to erase it from your brain.

My dreams have been stormy and fast these past few weeks. Most of them center on trivial pursuits like school dances, and theater constructions, and lost phone #'s, and snowball fights, and hotel keys. But some of them have been using those odd pathways to deal with acceptance, friendship, loyalty, breaking away, commitment, fear of the unknown, the future, and . . . well, I guess all sorts of fauna and more-than-trivial pursuits. Besides, the only thing worse than not knowing what your dreams mean, is fully understanding what your dreams mean.

Now, I must flee. I'm due to meet Pat and A-Tron at Biddy's for trivia night. And I can't think of better fodder for tonight's dream cycle than that.

It's been real,


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