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Farming Out The Synapses - Part 2

2005-07-13 - 6:07 p.m.

# Of 'Teabag' Jokes I've Had To Endure In Last 24 Hours: 36

Listening To: Radiohead, Gorillaz, Pixies, Beck, Doors

Quote:"I have the Yellow Fever. And I ain't talkin' malaria." - Zach, to Justin

So where were we? Oh yeah - that part where all my friends bitch to me in non-clever and even actually clever ways about my lack of writing on this site and yet don't put a fraction of the energy they put into bitching towards leaving comments - constructive, humorous, observational, etc. Well, nuts to them!

So where were we? There was all sorts of shit happening and my friends were reading about it out of order because they're fucking retarded fuckmonkeys who can't follow simple instructions to save their motherfucking lives. But enough of that. If they couldn't master the last entry, this one shan't be any fun for them either.

Don had bought my mother a kayak in early Spring and it had been sitting at the Diamond Mines for quite a time. So it finally came time for me to strap it to the ol' Jeep and bring it to Sanbornton.

Somewhere probably not long after Memorial Day, if not a little before, I got the new Gorillaz CD and it was rather sublime.

And then! Oh what a week it was! Those ides of June! There was the Reno 911 3rd Season premiere on Tuesday, the Pixies concert on Wednesday, the arrival of Keeley Arroyo on Thursday, and both the Dane Cook show & Jimbo's Party in R'Ford on Friday! Yeah. And that Sunday Amy, Jane and I went to the Toast and I got the BIGGEST HEATH BAR PANCAKES YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. Seriously they were fucking awesome. Also, that girl who reminded me of Kim from the Pixies that night at the bar a few months back was seated next to us and it totally weirded me out that she knew what I wrote about her. Even though that would have been fucking impossible. All that, plus slogging at the Diamond Mines every day leads to a very long week. I think I'm still catching up on sleep from them. Seriously.

Yeah, remember that time I lost my job at the Wallakers? I'm quite sure you do. Well it SEEMS that the real reason we all lost our jobs is FAR MORE FANTASTIC than a simple, "we're having a down couple of years"! Ah, Hindsight is 20/20 I supppose. Or at least 80,000/80,000.

And I know Amy and I went to Ben and Shannonís farm for Benís birthday party. And then not long after that, well, after Amy convinced me to go to some World Music DJ thingy under Muddy River, she left to go back to California. And then it was probably almost 4th of July. And the 3rd of July found us at Justinís and then later back at the farm AGAIN. And god almighty, was I drunk on the power of jicama during that time! Still am I suppose. Still am.

Well, hope you enjoyed. I'm out of here. At least until I regain the power to speak and eat again. Oh, did I mention I can't do either of those things? Well . . . I can't.

It's been real,

Willie Lumpkin

ps - Believe it or not - new poll! The old poll results, which had many a month to acrue high vote totals were as follows: What's the next soda flavor to hit it big? 4th place goes to "Phyllis Diller" with 5 votes & 13%, 3rd place goes to "Moxie - ok, now I went too far" with 7 votes and 18%, 2nd place goes to "Spearmint" which got 21% of the vote and 8 picks. 1st place, with 26% and 10 votes goes to "Butter". Tut, tut! Kate, Monique, and Andrea, how many times did you vote?

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