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To All The 2004's I've Loved Before: Part 1

2005-01-07 - 11:45 a.m.

Falling Back Into An Old Addiction Known As: Monopoly

Listening To: Loretta Lynn, Jack White, The Pixies

Quote:"I'm not gonna eat the chip, I'm just gonna lick the cheese off of it." - Andrea

. . . who traveled in and out my door. Well, I guess years can't so much travel in and out doors, can they? Especially my bedroom door. You know? Because the door frame is so low. Get it? I have to duck. Because I'm tall. So this entry is going to be a little different. It's going to be a look back at 2004, mostly through pictures, but it won't just be a rehash of old pics/info, it will include new pictures and fun business. ["That better mean Halloween pictures." - TC] It does Tim. It does. And we're off . . .

Half hour later . . . you know what? This wasn't as good as an idea as I once thought. I use a lot of pictures and talk about a lot of different weird shit. So I'm going to take a pass on that. Instead, I'll just highlight some business that happened and throw in the random pics while in the process including Halloween and some end of the year get togethers.

But yeah, apparently I was playing a lot of video games in Jan/Feb last year. Specifically Simpsons Hit & Run and Dark Cloud. And I enjoyed them. And there was some business about Jessica Fletcher and Red Sox winter dealings, and I know Hannah and I transcribed a day's worth of Wallakers wackiness. That first quarter of 2004 also saw me disastrously babysit a 5 month old Cam-bot, start planning Monique's Not-Quite-A-Surprise Party, as well as getting ready for the wedding in FLA. The girls had escaped the FRM's clutches for Spring Break but were eager to get back and read up on Fables, Runaways, Y & Promethea so they could find out what was the deal with Hugh, Drew & Lou, figure out more clues about which runaway was the mole, what fate would befall Yorick in Colorado, and just how that whole "world-ending" thing was going for Promethea.

Nanny went back to LRGH and we were all thinking thoughts most dire. If only I knew then what I somewhat know now. I'm still convinced that I was the first one to come up with the whole "What Would Johnny Damon Do?" business. I first mentioned it here, and then I can only imagine the masses stole it from me after that. Daubach also made his triumphant return to the Sox, and even though he was sent back down before the jubilant business at the end of the season, he still gets a ring. As does Millar. Just because you're too scabby to be on Red Sox World Series Monopoly doesn't mean you can't still get a ring.

"Who needs rings when there's babies to be eaten?!"

As the end of March came, I continued to fight with both my Dad and Brad. (But not Chad) Monique's party, as well as her cosmic bowl-a-thon pre-party went off without too many hitches and Florida fun seemed merely hours away. Except for that whole getting stuck in Atlanta part. That sucked donkeys. But our time in Florida was a blast. Especially our coveted time at the "Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum". Oh yeah, there was a wedding too. But unless Misty Hatch is there, it's really not too much of an event.

With Spring in full bloom, we saw the arrival of the hermit crabs, me going full-steam ahead in my attempts to grow a goatee - against Becca's wishes, Hayley professed that she thought the Tap Room was a dance hall, Kate got a troubling amount of green jello, I puzzled over the whole deal involving Two White Horses, we celebrated Cinquo de Mayo at Chad & Mack's, we moved the shed - oh god, did we ever move the shed, and Jack Bristow broke my heart. I know, sounds like something he'd do. We closed out May by going to see David Byrne yet again, having Kelly meet the Sox, and being blessed to have TC write up a pensive review of "Home on the Range". Joyce Kulhawick better watch her back!

By this point, Nanny was at Hospice House and the drive to Concord was one I had become ridiculously familiar with. I think things between Brad and I were starting to thaw about but I have the luxury of having a large enough family that even in the not-quite-dog days of June I could find plenty of people to hate. My mother made pretend I was handicap in the midst of breaking into David Byrne's soundcheck in Portland in an attempt to try to score us tickets.
I fell for another reality tv whore, Hannah and Brian got engaged, Kate and I went and saw Dodgeball, Harry Potter 3 came out in theaters, and Rachel, Monique and I were forced to sing to my dead cat.

We closed out June by checking in on our globetrotting friends over in Ireland. They were getting into quite a few misadventures. Don't believe me? Take a look at this.

Alright. That's the 1/2 mark of 2004. I'm off to work one of my last shifts ever at the Wallakers and I'll post Part 2 tonight or tomorrow. And yes, there'll be a new poll in Part 2.

It's been real,


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