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(Accidentally) Take The Money And (Forget To) Run

2004-12-07 - 9:36 a.m.

Snow: Yeah! Shoveling: Ne Yeah Pas!

Listening To: Tears for Fears, Hall & Oates, DeBarge - someone's listening to 80's internet radio!

Quote:"You can take the girl out of the silviculture, but not the silviculture out of the girl" - Zach, to Al-Y

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Isn't that friggin' sweet? Well, I think so. Although, I'd rather the states could be colored in blue, hell even green, instead of red. No offense to those of you named "Peter", "Phil" or "Suze". (I just made up all those names off the top of my head, they're definitely not based on any real life person) Anyway, I stole the whole state tracking thing from the enigmatic Eliza. Ok, she's really not all that enigmatic, but I needed an "e" adjective and I thought "Ebola-plagued Eliza" seemed a little harsh.

Is "Your Kiss is on my List" by Hall & Oates playing on internet radio right now? Fuck yes. And do I love it so much I want to squeeze oranges in my hair? Yes. Yes I do. Speaking of music that isn't like Hall & Oates in the least, Leahy's band, The Broken Remotes, have come out with a rockin' album I'm sure you'll all enjoy. I'm even moved to say that The Broken Remotes combine high-energy Indie Rock with smart lyrics to create their own folk/punk sound that lands somewhere between Pavement and Weezer. Ok, I didn't exactly say that as much as I cut/copied it off the CD's website. But I fully stand by that cut/copy.

So here's something funny that's not so much "funny" as "felony". Work just called and was all, "We're missing the bag for Register #1". (The "bag" contains all the charge slips, checks, cash from the day). And I'm all, "That sucks." And they're all, "Yeah. We know. We've already shaken down Weird Beard and the staff at Ann Taylor LOFT." And I'm all, "Look, I just found a piece of bagel on my pants and I need to go eat it, so go deal with your missing money somewhere else." And that was that. Or so I thought. You know how sometimes you totally flake out and bring dirty dishes into the bathroom? Or pour milk on your earwigs instead of your crispix? Yeah . . . well, I had a distinct memory of me coming out of the back room at the end of the night with Sopranos DVDs that I had to give Aly and seeing her coming towards me with the bag for Register 1. I said, "Hey, let's trade." I gave her the DVDs and she gave me the bag. And then I went back to get my jacket. And put the bag in money box. I think. Wait. This part is kind of hazy. Then I ran downstairs and checked my bag that I used to bring home yesterday's globe, some Alias DVDs, some comics, and . . . sweet shit on a ski pole - the bag for Register 1 - with thousands of dollars in it. Eeep. So I called them back. And told them. And they expressed surprise that I wasn't half way to Mexico yet. ["Or at least San Diego." - Jimbo] Yeah. Considering I accidentally took a shitload of money that wasn't mine, work seemed pretty cool with it. Probably because they know firing me at this juncture would just be overkill.

Speaking of overkill . . . whoever thinks it's funny that I keep missing out on Pixies tickets, I've got something to tell you: It's not funny. It's sad. And bone-crushingly depressing. And my attempts to find an internet radio station devoted entirely to The Pixies has been unsuccessful as well.

I was thinking of maybe applying for a job at K-Mart back in LA. I loved their little restaurant and those spinning and flashing blue lights just do something to me that I don't think any woman ever could. But, in a week already filled disappointment, what am I to find?

Hannah jumped into the Friendster pool and then got me back into it. I know it hasn't exactly been all the rage for quite a while now, but let it never be said that an Eldridge won't jump on a fad long after it's cooled to the point that it's advertised in a CVS flyer. I have no idea what I'm talking about. Anyway, I'm interested in it again now. Maybe only for a couple of days, maybe more - but like all things in my life, since I am interested in it, you should be too. So go to the above link and do it. And don't be scared like Hayley. You can love you Friendster and your Bible too. They're not mutually exclusive. (Though I can't be too sure there's room for The Da Vinci Code)

Meanwhile, all this snow has got Kenichi all mixed up. Except, not really. The cat is fucked up on a daily basis. The snow will probably serve to equalize him out a bit. But honestly, as soon as he realized it was snowing hard outside he started running around the house chewing on both the plants and any plastic he could find. Because that makes an ounce of sense how? Yeah, so I can't wait to find out what other ways Kenichi finds to freak out. Considering the following picture was taken before any snow hit the ground:

And no, this picture wasn't staged AT ALL. This is all Kenichi's "creativity" on display. This is the kind of situation I find him in on far too many mornings per week

It's been real,


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