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Emotional Leftovers

2004-11-15 - 8:59 p.m.

Future Topic: Hot

Listening To: Powderfinger, Guster, The Postal Service

Quote:"Every time I laugh, it hurts. I think I have breast cancer." - Kate

What do you want me to say? I took too long to update? Fine. I'll say it. I took to long to update.

And this isn't the big long update entry you be lookin' for neither. Nope. Uh-uh. In case you haven't heard, I don't so much have the inTRAnet in R-ford no mores. Ben and I couldn't afford the comcast bill - due to a variety of fun-filled reasons. Meaning bye-bye Comcast TV & Internet. And originally there was to be a big World Series Victory entry / Halloween festivites entry with copious amounts of Halloween pics taken on the ol' digital camera. But all those pics are on my home computer and home computer no have internet. So I kept putting it off with the hope that the "no internet" thang would be temporary. Well, it's a bit more permtemporary as it stands now.

Which isn't to say that I don't have anything to write about, simply that I don't have the time. Work, despite it's shelf life growing shorter and shorter, is growing more and more busy and I don't know if I mentioned that we don't have internet at home anymore. I suppose I at least owe it to all my stalwart readers who are kind enough to leave comments when I write entries (and of course, by that I mean to say a cabal made up of Jon's insane comments/questions, my answers to them, and the odd irate Eldridge thrown in) Note: Don't go to that link unless you want old Lost spoilers. Although, I must say, it is nice to get comments on an entry - no matter how inane they may be.

Sure, the Sox won it all, Old Dirty Bastard died, as did Arafat - if that's not redundant. I fell in love with Metroid all over again, and continue to be in love with Secret Crush, even if I am getting far more progress with Metroid than S.C. I saw The Incredibles with Hal-Y and Beef-Y. Ben and Al-Y had "Girl's Night" at my house by themselves - which is hilarious (though it must be said Hal-Y and I joined them later). It seems McKeen's carcass has been dug up yet again, although this time for realsies and not so much for funsies. The Pats roll on and look to start a new winning streak, with can only hope to match Jeff & Amy's streak for inexplicably ditching get togethers. Lost gets better by the week and the NewsRadio DVDs seem no closer to happening than when I started this whole fucking website. Fred and I continue, in vain, to try to reach each other by phone. TC (also known as Tender Crisp) and Jackie (also known as Spicey) have finally moved in in LA - and did indeed make it to Boston in time for the World Series. Ah - remember the World Series? All was right with the world for one perfect second. Until it wasn't anymore.

Don't you think "Anaphylactic Seahorse" would be a good name for a band? I sure do.

Thanksgiving this year is on Silver Street for me. Peter, Titie, Al-Y, Alex and me. Should make for some good times. Or at least some turkey frying, scotch drinkin' times. Same thing.

It's getting too cold out and too dark. And snow? I not ready yet. I had an epiphany the other day when I was in York. I told Andrea that it dawned on me that I have subconciously patterned my IM speech and frequent journal talking style after Grimlock from the Dinobot line of Transformers.

"Grimlock no like epiphanies!"

It's been real,


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