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The Vision, Fishwives, & Mrs. Mulcahey

2004-09-30 - 11:46 p.m.

Drinking: MGD - awwww yeah

Listening To: Pearl Jam, Gerry Rafferty, Paul Simon, The Postal Service, The Association

Quote: "Bedknobs and Fraziersticks?!" - Zach "Exactly." - Rick

Hi. Something is in the air? Can you see it? Can you smell it? I know you can't touch it. I mean, you're not the fucking Vision, with cool android powers and some shit. The Vision can turn himself diamond hard but can also turn intangible, stick his hand in your chest, and then turn tangible again and totally fuck your shit up. He's a bad ass android like that.
See? Told you.

Yeah. But I don't know. I don't really have too much to say of much import(ance). I forgot to mention in my missive to Kenichi that TC & Jackie are due back east, for the foreseeable future, in a few weeks. They're even due at "our" Halloween Party, that Ben finally informed me of this evening. God, first Peter and Titie moved up here, then TC & Jackie, what next, Jody Kish and her common law fishwife?! A boy can dream. Boy, can he.

Download the new Pixies song, "Bam Thwok". You'll be glad you did. Well, it's relatively new. Came out this summer. But it's their first song in over 10 years. I'm definitely, to borrow a phrase from the not-so-dearly departed Sheriff, "all about" The Pixies right now. You know me, always the first to jump on new, cutting-edge, music. I kid. We can't all be Tim Curtis, can we? Hell, it took me the first half of the 90's to work through the 60's, the second half to work through the 70's. The last few years to work through the first half of the 80's, and now I'm getting into late 80's Pixies. At this rate I'll be jumping into Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, & Interpol around 2021. Quick like a bunny. That's me. Kids, look at my fucking "Listening To:" list up top, Postal Service at the same time as Gerry fucking Rafferty?! The fuck?!

Hey - asschunks, you didn't watch Lost on Wednesday did you? NAUGHTY. This you must do. But you do have one more chance to catch up and be hip like the rest of the world, and not in an Esprit kind of way, but a Vaurnet kind of way. (Why did coolness in the 80's rely on not pronouncing your t's? Odd.) This Saturday at 8 o'clock they are re-airing the first two hours of Lost as a movie. I know that's a sucky time, but tape it, tivo it, do whatever the fuck you can to watch this business. Yes, it's that good. I give it 100 stars out of 4. People. I don't like crap. Ok ok, if it says Bunim/Murray I'm there, so I guess I like some crap. And I am currently listening to "The Groove Line" by Heatwave, so I guess I like even more crap, but PEOPLE - WATCH LOST. It's got Hobbits, Charlie Salinger, that wheelchair narrator dude from Oz, Director Kendall, Koreans, Iraqis, sibling rivalry, backgammon(!), and one really, really hot girl. (And for those of you females reading, come on, didn't I sell you at Charlie Salinger?) WATCH IT. Thank me later.

Eh? Eh? See? Hot? Yes? Yes. Until January, when Sydney Bristow comes back, she'll have to be my new "hot girl from a J.J. Abrams show" fix

I had a dream last night that Ben, Peter, Roy, KP, and me were in a reality show. It was mostly us living in my house in Rollinsford and cameras following us. "Real World: Former Sachems in Rollinsford" I suppose. It was very strange. And Roy ate some of my cereal and the directors were trying to convince me to start a fight with her because it made for "good tv". Strange. And KP & I read ahead in the script (so I guess we were acting? I'm not sure) and found out that in the season finale we'd find out that Mrs. Mulcahey was really one of our mothers. As in, who we thought was our real mother was not, and in actuality it was Mrs. Mulcahey. And KP was all worried that they were going to make it so Mrs. Mulcahey was her *real* mother and I took her aside off camera and promised her that I'd force the writers to make it so it was my real mother so she wouldn't be sad. Yeah. I think I need to tell the doctors to lower my dosage.

So now what? Two roads. Diverged as they are. I guess things reel off into their own directions now. Though, I guess they always were. It makes TV glow differently, and songs seem to be saying something different than what I thought they were once saying. I mean, it's not like I found out my brought back from the dead arch-enemy secretly fathered the children of my dead girlfriend (that said thought dead arch-enemy threw off a bridge). I mean, whenever I think I have it pretty rough, I look to Peter Parker and think, "Damn. Now there's someone that's really got it rough."

I'm telling you. There's something in the air. Just ask Kenichi. He'll tell you.

Oh. Wait. I just remembered. Kenichi is as dumb as a brick. Although he did swipe at Sarah yesterday. Which I can't say I blame him. I mean, I always take a swipe at someone after they shit on the floor. TWICE.

Hey, and isn't it nice to know that Bush took the opportunity of the debates to let the nation know what an absolute tool he is? And I *heart* how all the desperate Republicans run around claiming it was "obvious" that Bush "won" the debate. Oh indeed. He sure did. If by "winning" one means, "came across as an inarticulate, bumbling, lying, total fuck-up", then yes please, quickly, hand him the blue ribbon for having "won."

It's been real,


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