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The Calm Before The Steak

2004-03-24 - 11:03 p.m.

Been Watching: The Muppet Show, RW/RR Challenge

Listening To: David Byrne, Tears For Fears, David Bowie

Quote: "You know, it's sorta like when you siphon gasoline out of a pick-up truck . . ." - Zach

Ok - short and sweet and everything neat.

Doctor, how can I let people know that even though I put up this united front of hating Aerosmith and Dave Matthews Band, there's still a few songs from each band that I wouldn't change the radio station if they came on? I mean, come on, I'm only human - Janie's Got A Gun?!?! That's some catchy stuff! And early Dave Matthews Band? Well, yeah, I don't much go for that either, but there's a few songs I can tolerate. You know - that one? And that other one where it has all these instruments and it's really long? Yeah - that one.

I remember the first time I ever heard Dave Matthews. I was in TC's room on the Birchwoodiest of Ways and his older brother Rob had their first CD and had been playing it in his room. I thought it sounded cool. Poor me. It was before TH came into my life. Then, within months, Rusted Root, Rustic Overtones, Cannibal Corpse, and all those similar sounding bands all got popular at the same time.

So the big to-do is this weekend. Monique's (Not A) Surprise Party. And there's a healthy amount of people coming that don't even know Monique. Perhaps they wouldn't be coming if they did know her. She's quite the monster you know. I'm stressing about the ridiculously large amount of people coming to the festivities, but I think it's gonna be a really good time. We're even gonna break out an old fashioned quote board. I know nothing inspires HI-larious quotations from Rick and Monique like a lonely quote board sitting quietly in the corner. Hopefully we'll have quotes on par with, "You can EAT MY PEOPLE!" this weekend. Hopefully. Speaking of Rick, he read the first three trades of Y: The Last Man already and I just gave them to him on Sunday. Now that's impressive people. ["I don't see what's so impressive about that!" - Al-Y, Hayley, Hannah, Al-I, Andrea, etc.]

One of my favorite Y covers

Awww yeah - Simpsons Season 4 on DVD on June 15th. Very nice. Monorail here we come.

Marge: "Homer, there's a man here who can help you."

Homer: "Is it Batman?"

Marge: "No, it's a scientist."

Homer: "Batman's a scientist!"

Marge: "It's NOT Batman!"

Good times. Good times.

It seems like there's an awful lot of skullduggery going on in my life lately. Whether it's through "secret e-mail communiques", intercepting info through family channels, or tightening strings at work, it definitely seems that the subterfuge is chugging along a little faster than normal. Speaking of strings at work - you know those wooden soul-less bastard marionettes that laugh at me when my back is turned? Yeah, well I have a picture of them that is actually tolerable! How's that, you say? Well, it just so happens that they serve as the background to a picture of Cowboy Cameron riding the Groovy Girl Horse. Justin almost ruins the picture by sticking his ugly mug in, but even that doesn't take away from the fact that Cameron is the world's best/cutest baby. In. The. World.

See? I told you.

Oh, did you hear? J-Dawg finally made the move over to the dark side! Justin is now writing his blog on diaryland, and not on blogspot! Ha ha you Unicel fuckers, come and mess with the big boys now! Anyway, you can now find him at his new digs over here in this here Diaryland parts. Go ahead. Take a look - tell him Z-Diddy sentcha!

You ever been in a position where you try to push someone away for "their own good"? Or at least what you perceive to be their own good? Yeah. I haven't seen my dad in over 3 weeks. Which doesn't sound like much to most of you I'm sure. But I usually see him once a week. Sometimes we'll miss a week. But you know, not too many weeks in a row. But after we got in that huge blow out a month or so back I told him that we were going to end up severing each other from our respective lives. He, as he always has done, just claimed to people, "Zach will get over it." But I didn't. And I won't. Which should prove that he doesn't know me at all if he thinks for one second that I will. I told him that he would still try to call me and I would make up excuses to why I couldn't see him until he finally just stopped calling. He said, "That's ridiculous." Well, he had been calling the last few weeks every Tuesday to try to meet up and each time I rebuffed him. This Tuesday he didn't call. And as much as I said this is what I'd do, and as much as I'm glad I stuck to my word, it doesn't make it any easier to take. This is one time I wish I wasn't right. But . . . well . . . just as I make my own choices, so too does he make his. And I'll be damned if he didn't do exactly what I said he'd do.

Well, that was an uplifting paragraph.

I don't feel like writing anymore. The party is gonna be a blast. If I tell myself that enough times I know it will come true.

It's been real,


ps - Well, another poll dead and gone - quite to my consternation, the majority (barely) of you fuckwits decided that if a Tsunamie was about to came barreling into your village and you could only save one thing, Fred would be on the top of your list. Sigh. Specifically, 6 of you, or 29% of you chose to save Winslow's Favorite Son. Meanwhile, 24% of you, with 5 votes thought that the photo albums were more valuable than Frederick, and 4 of you, with 19% of the vote, thought that your music collection would sell better on the black market than a watery Fred. I can't blame you. If only any of you felt so strongly about the Ming Vase! What a waste! Now go vote in the new poll!

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