Ambassador Shabs - 2009-03-03 03:07:10
...You don't point out the decoy!! It's supposed to grab our attention all on it's own! Unless, of course, it's a SECRET which case, totally appropriate. I would have missed it completely. Nice work.
ZQF8 - 2009-03-03 03:11:21
Ambassador, no joke - when I was in the processing of pointing out that decoy, in my head I thought, "this is really gonna get Joe - I just know it." And you didn't disappoint. Or did I not disappoint? Either way, I don't think anyone was disappointed.
Flotsam Cannon - 2009-03-03 20:29:09
I like the cut of your jib in these last couple installments, but, I have to say, you missed a great opportunity. Shouldn't the "Might Caped Water Creature" have become more commonly known as MC W.C.? I mean the breadth of possibilities dizzies the mind - Hammer pants - assorted references to wiggas and the Avery St. Gang (Reprasent bitches!)- a superhero who raps about crap (what a tag-line!) - W.C. Fields and water closet double entendres (the kids love those!). Though, I must congratulate you on the inclusion of Raccoons Cliff for personal reasons and the unmentioned reason that it abuts, on the back side the Laconia Prison - I mean is there a better way to deal with those obnoxious Massholes, then straight to jail and toss the key in Opeepee? Well done my friend and BTW, "Touche, Pinochet" is one of my favs. I mean who doesn't enjoy a slamming power ballad meshing fencing and blood-thirsty dictators? P.S. - Have you been reading Thomas Pynchon?
ZF - 2009-03-03 20:48:04
Yes, I did think about going more into the W.C. jokes (though I figured the Water Closet one spoke for itself), but no one dares hang out on Avery St., not even the super powered. (Though, you're correct - if the kids love *anything* more than Big Band jokes, it's W.C. Fields references. I know my audience!) I know of your (and many Sachems) soft spot of the ol' cliff - hence the inclusion. Also, while "Touche, Pinochet!" made me chuckle when I wrote it, I'm surprised Mulcahey's old Camp Sunshine bus didn't get your where you lived. Or at least a few houses down from where you lived. Ah, you know what I mean . . .
Flotsam Cannon - 2009-03-03 21:09:18
Ah, the old Camp Sunshine reference totally got me, but I was so overwhelmed, and excited I forgot all about it. Little known fact about M. Mulcahey (the M is for Mr.), he was so cheap that when he got his house painted he asked the painter not paint behind the shutters, so he could save money b/c you know, no one was gonna see em anyway. And to clarify, he was next door and Mr. Smalls was a few doors down. You remember him, right? Small man with a small dog living in a small blue house, who wore his dead mother's house dresses in honor of her, whilst walking his small dog up and down Holman St. Lest we forget other Holman St. luminaries, like Spider Lady, 'Ol Man Sachs and his cats (my cat - gulp!), and of course who could forget Victor Muzzy! Those were my neighbors folks without even a mention of the insanity that was the Keller/Moores across the way. How did we all make it out of LAC alive and somewhat well adjusted again?

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