brocky - 2007-01-18 07:25:52
YOU British, long haired, brunette, big-lipped, nymphomaniac law enforcement (Boston laywer in a previous life), incestuous, formerly cleft-faced, sociopathic ladies, who's brothers like to carve faces to make up for their missing man-parts and sister's cleftness (due to previous inbreeding) and like to listen to scary clown music (aka Gotan Project musical serenade) LOVER, you! Who would have guessed?
Z - 2007-01-18 13:26:51
In my humble defense: That porcupine quote that you are referencing was made PRE-CLEFTNESS. J.S.I.A.
jason - 2007-06-24 17:10:58
brocky - 2007-11-01 18:47:45
Here's a quote for you: R - "I have body odor now." A, P & T - ". . . " R - "I do! I use it in my arm pits." A, P & T - ". . ." (We're hoping he meant "deodorant.")

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