I'd Be Funnier If I was Around More - 2005-03-15 18:39:12
I just wanted to say that I am much funnier and more far ranging than this quote board would have you believe. I could add a lot, not just dirty Prescott jokes and cunnilingus gafaws. If only I had worked at that toy store. For shame. For shame.
elizabeth_e - 2005-11-07 22:03:51
okay, your friends are very funny and engaging.I ordered new glasses today, ha! mother f*cking ha!!! funny guys! Jimbo won't email me back. can you do something about that?kisses b ps a dunn MIA
ryan - 2005-11-22 02:29:59
i've been misquoted,i clearly stated "that standard shit" after my last entry,and I'll see you in that slanderous court Mr.Foote,and you'll rue the day sir! s.a.s.e only,10$cc. c.o.d,no transcripts avail. prsnl.chks.gft.crtfkts.void.newownrshp.justlumpin.dmpster/glu/nitrochemset.tboz/l.i/chli/tyrabanks/skidhold/badbrks see ya later zach,always a hoot,

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