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Badajoz is here to ROCK YOU!

2009-02-22 - 10:33 p.m.

Things Nanny Talked About At Lunch Today: Ovaries, Uterus, Marijuana, Pancakes

Listening To: The Oscars

Quote:"They found the 1st jaguar in America in over 100 years." - Z, "Whoopi Goldberg?" - J

     Why, hello Jessica Biel. Get out of my dreams and get into my car! Now you just stop saying big words like kinetoscope! How charming and vixeninanimous of you. Telling us all about the Tech Awards. How informative of you. Always thinking of others. I'll be at the Corn Maze tomorrow all day. Feel free to stop by, J.B.! (That goes for you too, Jack Bristow.) Actually, I shan't discriminate against any J.B.'s. Except for you Jehosaphat Brundige. You shall continue to be discriminated against.

     Hmmmmm, I've used "Jehosaphat" in the last two entries. Maybe it'll be this year's "that shit is tight, yo", or "friend", or "business", or "that ol' chestnut", or "Chain link fence, am I hungry!" Hmmm, that last one never really caught on the way I had hoped. I knew I shouldn't have hired Chris Brown's p.r. team to push my catchphrases. Also, is it my imagination or is the Lindbergh Baby nothing but an incorrigible spotlight hog? We get it. We get it. You got kidnapped. It was a difficult time. Get OVER IT. {Too soon?} {Too soon.}

     So first and foremost - well, I guess third and thirstmost - Ellen gave me this link on Facebook to The Hero Factory. Where you can make your own Hero. Well, it's sweeping the nation. And by nation, of course I mean about 4 or 5 of us on Facebook. But it's pretty sweet. "Chain link fence, you should check it out!" Here's mine:

I didn't want him to be a Jedi, but when I decided upon a lightsaber, I guess I pigeonholed myself on that one. And, as Brad kindly pointed out, I'm a little on the Christmas-y side. That was unintentional. I was rocking several shades of green from the beginning, and it was a last minute whim to make my skin rather red. Whatever. Maybe I deliver presents to orphanges in my spare time. You don't know. YOU DON'T KNOW!

     Man, this has been a real song and dance-a-maru Oscar Ceremony. I knew as soon as Hugh Jackman had a cane thrown to him and a top hat on his head that Monique would be whooping it up with Wigs and re-enacting their favorite selections from A Chorus Line. And then wizened old prune (and Sloane Clone) Joel Grey had to come out and make everyone hide under their bed and pray that the boogeyman would go away and leave them alone. Thanks for making us chew our nails off, Joel Grey. [Oh get off your chain link fence, Grey - I was being sarcastic!]

     Another Facebook activity that Andrea actually brought to my attention is the way to figure out what your own album cover would look like. It's a process that helps you figure out your band name, your album name, and your album cover.

#1. - Go to Wikipedia. Click on the arrow button to the right of the search bar. Then, in the left column, click on Random Article. Whatever pops up. That's your band name. No matter how crazy it might sound, that's your new band name. Mine was Badajoz. It's a province in southwestern Spain. Actually, I kind of lucked out. That sounds like a kick ass band name.

#2. - Go to the Random Quotations page and go to the last quote on the page. Use the last 4 or 5 words of that last quote and that is now your album's title. Mine was, "What we did and didn't do". Again - I lucked out. I think that's an awesome album title. Hopefully you get something sweet and not involving a chain link fence.

#3. - Go to the "last 7 days" section of Flickr - found HERE. Pick the THIRD picture shown. That's your album cover. Then using a photoshop or pagemaker or MS Paint or whatever-majig type your text on your picture and voila, your album cover! Again, I lucked out. I think I made out like a baby Donald Duck bandit on this one too. How do I mean?

     Well, take a look at this baby - soon to be selling like super hotcakes at Greenlaw's this Tuesday:


     Come on, my peoples! Let's see what you got! Make some heroes and make some album covers! E-mail them to me and I'll post them in a future entry! Do it! Let your inner Lindbergh Baby out and grab the brass ring! If you are photoshop deficient or don't have the time to make your album, just include your band name, album name, and attach your album cover pic in the e-mail and I'll make it for you. How can you pass this up?? I'm hoping to get a lot of superheroes and album covers. I think this will be fun. You know my e-mail - so son of a chain link fence, let's see whatcha got!

          It's been real,

              Dr. Nemesis

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