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10 Songs Indelibly Stamped Upon My Cortex - #3

2007-10-12 - 8:09 a.m.

Quote:"I'll think of Mo during playoffs."-Z, "I'll think of him while I gamble!"-Doris

Have you ever woken up in the following manner: Dazed, sitting in a chair, surrounded by people, in the middle of the night, realizing you've just been a.) faux violated and b.) had your head put through a window. As in a glass window. Not a cotton candy window. It's a real thrill ride. I suggest you try it. Just get a large mixing bowl of Bombaci, add water, chill, and voila! Moving on . . .

#3. Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc

First, let's give credit where credit is due. If it wasn't for Peter, this song may not have become the cultural stepping stone that it became. Sure, Peter's responsible for a lot of crap too (Exhibit A: The Kabbalah craze), but in this instance he came through. Boy, did he! Peter had purchased the Snatch soundtrack and brought it up to New Meadows one weekend. Ben and I devoured it and sooner than you can say, "Shoofly on a Magpie" I was putting "Golden Brown", "Dreadlock Holiday", and "Hernando's Hideaway" on mixes left and right. I'd put this squarely around summer 2001 - perhaps Winter/Spring 2002. "Dreadlock Holiday" was on close to every party soundtrack at New Meadows. At the very least here, here, and of course, there. Ok, that last one wasn't at New Meadows, but I know it definitely had "Dreadlock Holiday" thumping around. [Note: Liz & Kelly, I apologize for linking to those leopard skin hi-jinx, I know we all thought - or hoped - that was behind us.]

But this song squarely reminds me of playing Beirut outside (& inside) at New Meadows, with a consistent cast of Rich, Hannah, Peter, Brooke, the occasional Frederick, Coty, Jimbo and Tim up from Boston, and our crazy neighbors above and beside (hi Billie!) stealing Ben and my laundry if we left it in 30 seconds too long. The quest to take the "Great American Photo", Roy showing up with half-eaten cakes, Jimbo's Web-Map convertible, sitting with Rachelle in the parking lot having a breakdown, wiffleball and football on that weird sewage mound behind the apartment, preparing for the big cross-country trip, making trips to Wells and Boothbay, regaling people with the pokey story, and so forth and so on. But mainly, making ridiculous dance moves with Hannah to "Dreadlock Holiday" and that robot-y electric freak-out song also on the Snatch Soundtrack (aka - "Supermoves", by Overseer) while palling around with Flat Eric and having Rich, Brooke, Peter and Ben just stare at us disdainfully. I'm sure we were pretty annoying. But come on, we had to celebrate this song's craziness! As far as I know, it's the only piece of work in recorded history with the line: "Don't you queer on me pitch!" You can't let something as inexplicable as that go uncelebrated! It was a different time then, to be sure. It was before Rollinsford, it was before everyone got married, it was before Peter moved South and then North again, before Kenichi, before Tim moved West and then East again, before I met Ryan Hennessey, before tiger lillies, before Diamond Mines, before the Red Sox won it all, before - well - almost everything.

I'm happy about many of the things that have happened since the care-free dancing days of "Dreadlock Holiday" - the blackest reggae song that a group of white guys ever pulled off (Sorry Sting) - people move, people move on, people collide, people smash into smithereens, people disappear, people bust up chiffarobes. (Sorry, things were getting too serious there. had to break it up.)

But here's your reward for sticking through this one. The 10cc video for "Dreadlock Holiday"! Which I had never seen until about 20 minutes ago. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you one of the most literal song to video translations EVER. I mean, I know the song didn't really work well on a meta-textual, metaphorical level, but man, couldn't they at least have gone Kabuki? Things to look for:

- The artful synchronization of the drumbeat and the lead singer's feet running up the stairs.

- The reanactment of Ben and Mindy's big moment at Peter & Titie's wedding reception

- The surprise realization that my father obviously played for the band 10cc in the 70's. Hey, it was the 70's. People did crazy things. Like, apparently, playing for soft rock British bands and never telling their son only for him to find out about it on YouTube almost 30 years later. That'll learn him.

It's been real,

Frankie Four Fingers

Next: A spacey tune via the 3 boys from Brooklyn!

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