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This Is Summer (d)

2007-07-17 - 11:29 p.m.

Hopeful Location for Simpsons Movie: Sommerville, with Fred, TC, et al.

Listening To: Stephen Colbert talking about prostitutes

Quote"You know what I am? I'm the Miss Havisham of your life!" - Annie, to Zach

I meet Annie in Portsmouth at the Brewery. I'm glad to see her. It's been too long. Though I'm not at liberty to share exactly when it was I last saw her. Her friends Kelly and Sarah are there. We meet Laurel and Meg after all that during our lengthy pub crawl. Amelia makes a brief appearance. We run into the Jeffs (O. and S.) and both of their respective brothers (D. and M.) at Fat Bellys. It's a wild time and I like Annie's friend Kelly - after being promised to finally meet her for years. And China-bound Sarah is lots of fun too. Of course, Annie outs my long secret crush on Flatbread to Laurel. Laurel works with Flatbread. I can never go to Flatbread again as long as I love. At least not sober. And sober is the last thing I was this night. But fun is being had. By all. And then some.

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This is summer.

It's been real,

Dave Pirner

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