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Summer Fun Jumps The Gun ( Ha, "Jumps The Gun")

2007-06-20 - 9:25 p.m.

Hydrated?: No, dehydrated.

Listening To: Paul McCartney, Corinne Bailey Rae, David Byrne, Frank Sinatra

Quote:"I'll show YOU my string quartet!" - Drunk Jason to Drunk Nick

Jason's across the hall vomiting his liver into the toilet and I'm sweating my balls off in my room trying to pack everything for New Jersey this weekend. If it's Richmond St., it must be summer! Actually, summer starts tomorrow. Huzzah. In the meantime, whiskey is wafting under my door, I can't find my only favorite bathing suit, Nick and Chelsea are watching a bootleg copy of Pirates 3 that Gabe brought back from Cambodia, and Kate is trying to start vicious rumors about herself at work. Yup, it's summer time. One day ahead of schedule.

I really have no aim here. Not tonight. Other than to procrastinate in packing further. I figured it was either this or go to the gym. But I won't hear Jason slowly choking to death on his own puke if I'm at the gym. Actually, my music is pretty loud, so he's probably screwed either way. Poor little guy.

I'm very excited to see Hannah and Brian tomorrow night at my Mom's house. They're coming over for pizza, wine, and a super time. That rhymes! I know, that's why I typed it. I know Monique is looking forward to it as well. Mostly the food. And the wine. And somewhat the Brian and Hannah. Speaking of Brians, BrYan's bidet is today! Happy Birthday Mayor B.P.! First order of business: free arugula for everybody!

I need to go write a speech. No, it's still too early. I want the color combinations to work, you know? I want to make sure I decided on the right wording, you know? I want the presentation to be memorable, you know? Wait, none of that is about the speech. For realkos.

Rescue Me is on at 10. That will serve to be further delay. I shall get my toiletries together during that business. That word sort of looks like "toilet tries". Aww, good for toiltries! I've never been to the Jersey Shore! I hope the Jersey Devil steers clear of us. If he likes cakes and snacks he'll never have met two bigger obstacles in his path than Monique and Brooke. Well, he did survive a summer with Kate. I'm talking about the Jersey Devil, NOT Jonathon from CVS. j.s.i.a.

Ok, no jokosos, I need to go pack some more. I drank a dragonfruit flavored vitamin water today while I was waiting for my beans and rice to be made at Dos Amigos at the same time that they were blasting Stop Making Sense through their speakers. I asked them who the TH fan was. They told me Jacob. I didn't see any Jacob. But then again, I was remiss in not looking for any invisible masterminds in chairs. That's how I don't roll sometime.

I want to go back to camp.

It's been real,

Knob Creek

ps - New Poll!!
What was you alls favorite ice cream flavor?! Let's see, shall we? 5 of you, aka 11% voted for Wet Cigarette Butt in a Beer Can, there was a 2-way tie for 2nd place with 6 votes and 14% for both Helgramite Surprise and Crab Rangoon, and ANOTHER 2-way tie for 1st place, with 7 votes and 16% is Dottie's Elbow Skin and Jorge Posada's Nose Hair Sorbet!! Good choices kids! Enjoy the new one and think of me this weekend when a bunch of blockheads from the LAC get let loose on Ocean City. Did I mention that Ocean City is a dry town? Poor, poor Ocean City. It has no idea what it has coming to it. So yeah, new poll. Like I said. And new quotes, as usual.

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