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Foreboding Foreshadowing Frippery

2007-02-18 - 9:49 p.m.

Mood: Botanically Artistic

Listening To: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Cake, Ben Folds, Fiery Furnaces

Quote:"Hit me over the head with something heavy!" - Nanny, "No questions asked." - Zach

Wait, so are you trying to convince me that I've seen the Goo Goo Dolls live in concert?! Seriously? Because I was in the bagel aisle in Hannaford today (or as our eldery friends call it, "the Hannaford") and I heard a Goo Goo Dolls song and I thought, "God, I'm glad I've never had to see these assboxes in concert before!" And then a miniature, wooden Indian jumped out of the english muffins and informed me, brace yourself, that I ALREADY HAVE SEEN THEM IN CONCERT. How did this happen? Was I coerced? Drugged? Drunk . . . -er? I was very perplexed and almost dropped my onion bagels. And that was when the Indian told me not only had I seen the Goo Goo Dolls in concert years ago at MixFest at Suffolk Downs, but that I had seen them AGAIN! And it was last summer! At Meadowbrook! What the hell?!?! At that point, I totally dropped my onion bagels.

My phone is charging, my legs are itchy, and my laundry needs washing. I have bills to pay, not enough $ to do so, and an ever-increasing amount of super-quality events to plan to attend. 4 weddings, 3 bachelor parties, birthdays, concerts, taxidermy school! I mean, when does one find the time?!

Jason, Nick, Sam and myself caught The Simpsons Movie new, long trailer during tonight's episode. It looked GREAT! Restored my faith that the movie wouldn't suck. And the greatest part?? It had GABBO!!!! I heart Gabbo.

The conversation(s) keeps coming back to me in bits and pieces, you know? I'll fall asleep for a couple of seconds and all of a sudden I'm back there and picking up threads and running with them. A name here. A patch there. A rooftop here. Vodka hitting my neck there. It's very narcoleptic and time-travely at the same time. But it's making me not stress out about all this damned taxidermy. The roomies attended an 80's Party at Sam's the other night. I didn't want to go as I was exhausted, running on little sleep, recovering from my trip to tropical, downtown Lebanon, 13 hours of work and working the next day. But Dustin's home on leave from the Navy, so I felt I had to go. And I did. Didn't stay more than an hour and a 1/2. And didn't dress up. Early that same day I had a talk with Nate at work. Nate's someone who I did attend parties with way back in the day. On Young Drive and the like. When I'd dress up as the Flash and Frederick, Coty and I would play "which one of us is going to walk home sexy enough down Rt. 4 to get a lonley trucker to pick us up first?" [Coty always won.] That kind of stuff made sense then. I look around and it doesn't really make sense now. I mean, I'm too old for all that. I'm all for having fun. And it doesn't have to always be with people that are my age. I'm friends with people much older and younger than myself. But I need something more now. With most of you farmed out to minor leagues across the country and starting your own round robins I need to pay more attention not on how to boil dents out ping-pong balls, but on how to boil dents out of popsicle stands. Ha, ha. Bitches. I was one concluding sentence from being poignant. Showed you, didn't I?

Sometimes I want to go back and look at some of my old entries and leave comments on those pages to past Zach and tell him how things will change. I want to tell him in vague, LOST-ian way that will tantalize him and yet frustrate him at the same time. I want to tell him things like:

-"Of three of your best friends right now, one will totally betray you, one will just slowly float away, and one will stay loyal." [But I think he wouldn't have as much of a hard time with this one as I think he would. I don't give past Zach as much credit as I should.]

-"2 girls from your past that you never thought you'd ever see again will pop suddenly back into your life with no warning. Neither will effect your life in the way you'd expect." [There's no way in hell he'd get this one.]

-"You won't attend Frederick's wedding." [This would fill him with Hurricane Katrina-esque dread, thinking he and Flowbie had some sort of falling out and not that FWR actually got married in the Carribean, making it very difficult for him to attend.]

-"Your Grandmother is still alive." [There's no way he'd believe this one.]

-"You live in Dover with three other people, a cat that's not Kannerson, and 17 geckos." [This one would make his brain vent out poisonous clouds of poison confusion.]

-"You'll discover Nacho Cheese Combos to be something of an aphrodisiac." [I know he couldn't possibly know what this alludes to, but I'm jealous of when he finds out.]

-"You'll be sitting in a white chair, with a plate of eggs in front of you when you're struck with the concurrent ideas of both ballroom dance lessons and Montreal strip clubs not being mutually exclusive. And you'll wonder if those ideas were planted in your head or if they're your own." [Ok, that one may not be as vague to him as we need it to be.]

-"Advice: Try not to take two of your best friends' varying degrees of fence-sitting as hard as you end up taking it." [Actually, this one is probably pointless to tell him. He's going to take that hard no matter what time chamber it unspools in. Better to take the lumps with the gravy. It makes dessert taste that much better.]

-"You'll have reasons to want to go to Oklahoma, Illinois, New Jersey, and Ohio." [He may be able to guess one of these. ONE. No way on the other three.]

Ok, I have a phone call I need to make and I have a face I need to wash and I have a bed I need to make. Do you want to leave a comment on this entry? Do you know how? You click the comment link below this and leave a comment. I know some of you know how to do this. And I know some of you rape polio-inflicted orphans. To each his own I suppose. Eventually it all adds up you know. Or subtracts in some cases.

It's been real,


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