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Indiana Jones Is My Daddy

2007-01-02 - 11:00 p.m.

New Book Time!: Having finished Looking Glass, on to The Beatles, by Bob Spitz - thanks Peter!

Listening To: Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Sufjan Stevens, Brian Eno

Quote:"My rat rash is itchy." - Shan-Y, to Lt. Comm. B. Cole

Man, that Indiana Jones! Is there nothing he can't not can't whip? Or seduce? He's got it all! He's got the nerdy, academic, glasses, archeologist streak that all girls love - (I have some friends that are girls and ALL they talk about is how hot archeology is), PLUS he whips shit around all day. Like, hmmm, what's that you say Nazi Bob? You are planning on trying to steal some holy treasure along the lines of say John the Baptist's letter opener or Zebedee's fishing pole? Really? Oh, that's ok I guess, as long as . . . WHIP! And then WHIPSNAP! With a healthy dose of CRACKLESNAP! Mmmmm, now I want cereal. Anyway, Jason, Nick, Other Gabe, and Ashley were watching Raiders of the Lost Ark earlier tonight and I made the mistake of starting another long national nightmare by revealing my always highly unpopular opinion that Raiders is my 3rd favorite Indy movie, with Temple being 1st and Crusade being 2nd. Which I FULLY know makes me Public Crazy Face #1. I don't care. I stand by my convictions. Unless you have canolis. Golly do I like canolis.

I need to finish this entry up before the hemlock-induced, narcotic-fueled dreams descend upon my moth-eaten cortex. Because, you know, I need help in making my dreams 7 shades of fucknugget.

For a couple minutes right now I'm happy. I'm getting my last wisdom tooth pulled on Thursday. I probably won't be happy then. My Dad is coming down on Friday to make sure I don't totally bleed out and watch the end of Alias Season 5 on the DVDs Hadlee got me for Christmas. That will make me happy - probably. My poor Dad doesn't know what tragedies await him in the last half of Season 5 though. He probably won't be happy then. My eyebrow hurts. I wish my Dad was Indiana Jones. Instead, Indiana Jones is my Daddy.

It's been real,


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