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Throwing Out The Mold

2007-01-01 - 10:24 p.m.

Totally Immersed In: The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor - thanks Rick!

Listening To: Manu Dibango, Frank Sinatra, Gorillaz, The Doors

Quote:"Getting shit done is for wimps!" - Rich, to Chad and Zach

I just took my shirt off because I'm hot. I'm hot because there's too many blankets on my bed. There's too many blankets on my bed because we ran out of oil last Saturday and the temp dropped to 40 degrees in the house. The oil ran out because my landlord is an idge. We have oil now - but ho boy if it didn't remind me of the good ol' days of being frozen out of my house. Man, my last 3 out of 4 landlords have been idges. I guess I just need to buy that ski chalet and be my own landlord. As long as that ski chalet is made out of Playmobil, I don't see how anything can stand in my way.

I was about to put spaghetti sauce in my (D.) spaghetti tonight when I realized it was full of mold (the sauce, not the pasta). I threw the bottle of sauce away. I don't know why I even wanted pasta, since I had it last night at Chad & Mackenzie's for New Year's Eve. They had three types of sauces! And none of them had mold!! It was exquisite.

I made several resolutions for 2007. I can only share a few of them with you. You, my loyal electrodes. One of them is to keep up with going to the gym. Another of them is to radically change my approach to this website. You'll see how it changes slowly and organically. Well, maybe it won't be that slowly. But it will definitely NOT be inorganic. I'll stand by that.

It's been real,

A Pill

ps - I updated the quotes section. To the X-TREME!!!! I finished out Vol.2 with some real corkers from the Christmas Season and assorted activites around it. This can be found by clicking "Quotes! V.2" on your slightly upper right. And I started what will surely become the illustrious "Quotes! V.3" - also to be found to your slightly upper right. I could have linked to them both, but that takes way more effort than it takes for you to move your mouse. Just justifyin' is all.

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