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Sitting By The Dock Of The BBQ Sauce Bay

2006-12-02 - 1:47 p.m.

Mood: Energetic, Nervous, and Nostalgic

Listening To: White Stripes, Bunzu Sounds, Flaming Lips, Artic Monkeys, Guster

Quote:"He can't sit there! That's the pancake chair!" - Annie, to Zach, on Jimbo's seat choice

I'm sitting here alone in the house. I don't know if I've ever been alone in this house before. Nick is at work, which is where I normally am on a Saturday. I have no idea where Jason and Sarah are. But my guess is that Jason took Juniper with him wherever he is because I haven't heard her all meowing and crashing into things at warp speed all morning.

I'm sitting here on the end of my bed. I'm waiting for the CD I'm making Liz to finish burning. My dress shirt is untucked and my sleeves unbuttoned. My hair is still wet and I need to find my new dress shoes. Kelly and Jim's wedding is this afternoon in Rye and it promises to be a splendid affair. I have to meet Liz in Portsmouth and we'll go to the wedding from there. Liz in been in Italy for roughly 100 years. So it's been a century (give/take a few months) since I've seen her.

I'm sitting here at the end of my year and I think the second half certainly tips in my favor more than the first half did. We just pulled off a fantastic reunion. I had an excellent Thanksgiving (the lack of family and the ensuing drama that does/would have swirled around said family made the "lack" even sweeter). I'm really not in any "fights" with anyone right now (save the obvious - but I don't even consider that a "fight"). Things are looking up. Which, of course, terrifies me. I'm used to the sky falling and being grounded and my ten o'clock curfew being enacted for being caught sneaking out and becoming the laughingstock of the SurfCoaster kitchen. Much of the SurfCoaster crew was at the Reunion. Well, except for Dog. Oh, and Keith. Oh, and TC. Ok, I guess not. But Julie, Brooke and I count for something. I slept nill during the Reunion weekend. But I had a really great time and all the stress and work put into the whole thing was absolutely worth it. I'm pretty sure Steph agrees. Did anyone mention that KP showed up in her prom dress? At least momentarily. Because that needs to be mentioned. There's pictures. Don't you worry. On that note, if anyone has pictures, please e-mail them to me when you get a chance. I'm trying to compile all of them. The air smells like barbeque sauce still. Or is it B-B-Q sauce? Either way.

I'm sitting close enough to the bathroom that I can see the mirror and I'm not entirely unhappy with what I see. It's probably the new glasses. They're pretty killer-diller, I must say. 80% of the credit must go to Monique, as she is the one that forced me to try 900 pairs of glasses on last week, the day before Thanksgiving. I'd be remiss in not mentioning the other 18% went to Tom and Ryan for being her able-bodied tie-breakers when we voted on my frames. I get 2% because I paid for them. I like my new glasses. And I like my new haircut. Coty better not break these glasses or I will eat his soul. I miss Coty. Even though he's Armenian. I can look past that. I want to have a big party too. Not that Coty had a big party. I'm past the Coty part of the paragraph. God. I want to have a big party. You can all come. Well, most of you. It won't cost much but it will be memorable. You can be damn sure of that.

I'm sitting by the window sill that is touching my bed and looking down on two backyards I don't really know that well. I'm not really around, you know? I'm always somewhere else. Tonight I'll be somewhere else again. But I'll be writing it all down in my head. Well, most of it. My back is feeling much better. It doesn't seem to hurt when I sit or when I stand.

It's been real,


ps - Check out the Quotes Vol. 2 section. You'll be glad you did. I did a massive update this morning. You'll be glad you did. Did I say that already? Oh yeah. I did.

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