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A Rhomboidal Irritation

2006-11-15 - 10:53 p.m.

Possiblities Of Me Going To See Borat A 3rd Time: 100%

Listening To: Air, Paul Simon, Ben Harper, Talking Heads, Dylan

Quote: "Why do they call it menstruate instead of womenstruate?" - Big Nick, to Chase and Zach

And as he reasons for my sexile from the upstairs echo down into the living room, I drink from this oddly shaped, hand made mug some white tea that Jason made earlier when he first got home. It's only slightly warm now. I'm not sure where Sarah went off to and I'm pretty sure Nick is gone for the night. Does any of this make sense to you? Does sense make any of this to you? I was reading comics and vodka bottles earlier. But I realized I was just procrastinating over this photo project I've been working on for the reunion. And had to remind myself that I'm off the booze until Thanksgiving - A rule that only got instituted by my hope to rid myself of these flu-like toxins floating about all sorts of my globins, hemo and otherwise. It's only been two days. And the making it to three days is ensured only because of the lack of any alcohol left in the house. [Nyquil does not count.] I don't like getting in fights with friends about fights I've gotten in with friends over friends I'm no longer friends with enough to bother getting in fights with. Does any of this make sense to you? I can't believe I've grown a taste for tea. It's true. First potato salad. Then iced tea. Now just tea - regular type. Is the reunion over yet? [No.] Will my extended family ever get together again outside of a funeral? [No.] Will I ever forgive the unforgivable act that was perpetrated on me at the end of March? [No.] {Wait, which one?} That one. {Oh.} [Then No. Definitely No.] I would like to go see The White Stripes if/when they tour again. Just putting that out there. I irritated my rhomboid. At least that's what the doctor told me. Which makes since, since I've had that 'irritated rhomboidal' feeling giving my spider-sense a low-level hum all day. It's not healthy how much weight I give certain people and words within the synaptic fields of my dinosaur brain. I didn't enjoy this, you know. I'm a big a fan of paragraph breaks as the next guy. One might even say moreso. In fact, I will: Moreso.

It's been real,


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