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Is Nice

2006-11-13 - 10:08 p.m.

2nd Choice For Firstborn Name After Quinn: Azamat

Listening To: The Doors, Caetano Veloso, David Bowie, Sifl & Olly

Quote:"This thing smells like a hundred nectarines!" - Jamie, to Zach, regarding the squid ball

I guess I was wrong. Or I wasn't. Or I kind of was. Or something. My whole Kim Deal hypothesis from the last entry. It certainly doesn't encapsulate all that my brain finds femininally shiny. It doesn't account for my secret [orange] crush (who I somewhat reconnected with a few months back, severely against Hayley's wishes at that), nor does it explain my predilection for Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese girls. Oh, what a world. But the pendulum swings both ways and the mirror stil (STILL!) has two faces: a.) I ran into an olde-tyme secret crush at the bank a month or so ago. I hadn't seen the secret [blind lawyer] crush in many a many a moon. b.) An old professor of mine, who I had a low-level crush on, came into Job #2 on Sunday afternoon. She was/is a good looking woman. I never expected, back when I took her class, for anything to happen (nor did it), but she absolutely loved my writing (which certainly didn't hurt) and she paid extra attention to me. Incidentally, I met the blind lawyer in her class. Oh, what a small / interconnected world! Point? a & b both had strong K. Deal characteristics - in two totally different ways. So I guess Kim Deal sends out her sleeper agents not just in bars, but in employment settings, banks, comic book stores, etc. She's a wily one Kim is. Incidentally, I wonder what it would have been like if anything had ever happened between my professor and me. She's married with children now, but she wasn't then. She had hot, dark glasses and long hair, and a small cramped office that we definitely could have worked with. And, of course, she had the authority thing going. She was already giving me A's, so I wouldn't have been doing it for the grades. But I wouldn't have been doing it for love either. She liked cool music and, even more important, she liked my writing. Ah well, I don't think she even recognizes me now. She may though. I mean, I make pretend that I don't recognize her, so what's to say she's not pulling the same trick, you know? But the ol' stalwart not-so-secret crushes? What was more shocking than seeing them after all this time was how much they didn't measure up to my memory of them. If anything, they fell far short of where my memory banks had enshrined them. And I took the small aligator mouth to their composites and each time he turned his back on them and gave them a "less than". He gave them a "less than".

I saw "Borat" twice in the last 24 hours. Once Sunday night with Big Nick, Jason, Sam, Liz [no, not that Liz, OR that Liz] (and assorted others) and I cried multiple times and hacked and coughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. It had to be the hardest I've ever laughed in a movie theater. Ever. EVER. And yes, I'm not forgetting about Seven. I went again tonight with Kate and Lisa. And they both made it quite clear that Borat is not just "a movie for stupid boys", as they enjoyed it. A lot. Or maybe they're just stupid boys. Seriously, if you breathe oxygen? You need to see this movie. Is nice. Is very, very nice.

The reunion is almost here and if Stephanie and I haven't gained 1,000 or so extra gray hairs from the whole endevour I would be rather shocked. We're probably looking at arond 80 or so people when all is said and done. I'm looking forward to it. Honestly. I actually am. Save a few Germanic elements, I think it will be a really great time. I see a majority of my classmates from LHS presently, but there are plenty I can't wait to reconnect with. Or something. Does that all sound legit? Good.

Did I mention I bought a gym membership? Yeah, I don't really believe it myself. But it's getting darker and colder, and because of that, running on the local school track is growing more and more hazardous by the day. I can bring a guest for free an unlimited amount of times, so Peter and I, God willing, will be seeing plenty of Planet Fitness this winter.

Have I mentioned that my roommates are insane but that they're good people? They make pancakes 24 hours a day and smoke out of a glowing, yellow hooka. I mean, you can't knock that. You really can't. Well . . . I suppose you CAN. But you shouldn't. You really shouldn't.

It's been real,


ps - Can you believe it? I know I can't. It's only been EIGHT MONTHS since the last new poll. Which gave Rich PLENTY of opportunities to vote for himself. Here are the results to the question, "Green Beer Will Drunkenly Cause What on St. Patrick's Day?": 3rd place, with 3-way tie, and 3 votes / 9% goes to the following choices, "Kate - hiding behind couch - hiding cheese filled meats", "Peter - perched on top of stereo - mix mastering", and, "Monique - stop in some cake - naked". 2nd place, with 4 votes & 11% goes to, "TC - stuck high in a tree - naked", and the grand prize, with 19(!) votes and 54% goes to, "Rich - strolling down Silver St. with Peter's guitar - naked." And now, on to a glorious new poll!

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