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I'll Still Take The Mer-Man's Path

2006-08-20 - 9:05 p.m.

Geometric Shapes I Hadn't Seen Flying By In Several Years: Triangles. {yeah, chew on that . . .}

Listening To: Talking Heads, Pixies, Annie Lennox, Steve Miller Band, Pearl Jam, BFF

Quote:"I just don't think Wikki Wikki will ever be the same without Wah Wah." - Mark, on Nick & Chuck

Didn't I tell you I'd be back when there was only 8 shopping days left? Wait - I never said that? Are you suuuuuure? Well . . . did I mention anything about starting an entire opening paragraph with questions? I didn't? What's the wold coming to?


For a supposed magical birthday I haven't been feeling very magical lately. I mean, I'm ok and all. I mean, it's not like I've suddenly and inexplicably entwined my entire future with some sort of ghastly Sadie Hawkins gargoyle. I mean, who would do that? Waiiitaminute . . .

But yeah, I had some grand plans for this birthday. I mean, this is my MAGIC BIRTHDAY we're talking about here. But with the time crunch and all the mish-mashery of moving I'm afraid my "make everyone learn one magic trick to perform at the party" plan and Peter's "launch pad for new pet charity, 'Beat T.C.', in an effort to stop testicular cancer" just might end up falling by the wayside. way side? wayside? I know it's one word when speaking of the school . . .

Been spending the last few days moving my shit from its assorted storage places (Andrea's, Peter's, Mom's, etc.) to the new place in Dover. I'll be living with Big Nick, his friend Jason, and Jason's sister Sarah. Jason and Sarah seem cool from what little I've seen of them and of course Nick and I will probably end up setting records for amount of consecutive Saturdays two people can show up for work hungover. And no doubt Sailor Jerrys will play a key role in that. (And yes Aly, plan on loving your precious Sailor this Saturday all over again. Sorry Hayley, I don't think they make non-alcoholic Sailor J's yet!) But yeah - there's no streetlight outside my new bedroom but I'm sure I can cope. I got a new phone that takes pictures and video and calls people when I say their name and makes a mean scrambled egg. So I guess I'll have that to distract me from all the non-street-lightery and all.

T.C. (the Curtis, not the aforementioned testicular affliction) and I used to have this theory in high school that a friend of ours would experience off years and on years. And it was a remarkably accurate theroy that ended up playing itself out with admirable prescience on our part. One year our friend would be outstandingly fun, adventurous, witty, inclusive, and generally the life of the party. The next school year year? He'd become sullen, exclusionary, moody, meaner, and generally zero fun to be around. I tend to forget any of those off years and memory, long that it is - longer than it should be for these last 27 11/12ths years - tends to favor the on years in the card catalog that is my cortex. What's the point of bringing this all up then? [Other of course, than to give TC a private chuckle and to make the rest of you penguins say, "Who are they talking about?!", "Wait . . . did I have an off year?", and "What's a Godspell?!"] Well, the point is, I think I'm having an off year. Not due to any outwardly behavior towards my friends in the way that our old friend used to have an off year. Just in general, run-of-the-mill, lady luck, destiny, jumbo gumbo sort of way. 2004 was - with the exception of the dazzling Sox - not the best year for ol' ZQF. It started, middled and ended badly. Whereas 2005 had well right gems sprinkled liberally throughout! And 2006? Well, it's had its moments of frivolity I suppose - licking jellies off of knives here and sound hosing it up there and plotting damnation with the hitches in the basement at work here and weddings x 100 there - but in general? 2006 hasn't been kind. Not that you can particularly tell from everything I've written on this site. Seeing as I've hardly written shit. Wait - hold on - if I'm going to go all tangentsies I'm gonna start a new paragraph. My fashion may be off a bit, but my tangent etiquette is still top notch!

I know I've mentioned this before, but I almost stopped writing on this site entirely. I figured I still had MySpace if I wanted to "blog" (which, I may add, was hardly a word that existed when I started writing online), and people on myspace, due to the comment heavy culture in those parts, tended to be a place where my dinosaur brain was more appreciated than here. And I was getting tired and worn down by being censored about what I could and couldn't write about. I mean, I still self-censor now [see the "Sadie Hawkins" joke above], but that's usally only to service a joke where I think the joke is funnier than the stark, more truthful headline [in this case, "Friend throws life away, more at 11."] But then again, it's my site, and my words, and my brain, so what do I know?

I always thought the beginning of the second verse to Pearl Jam's "Corduroy" was "I'll take the Mer-Man's path . . ." which I always considered one of the best lines ever written. Anywhere. Peter did contest that he didn't think that was the line, but that it did sound like it and he wasn't sure what else it could be. Well, come to find out, it's actually, "I'll take the firmest path . . ." Bah. That's no fun. Who would take that path when they could take a path once tread by a Mer-Man?! Or even an Ethel Mer-Man?! There'd be all sorts of tritons and shells and stingray puppets to come across! But the firmest path? Um . . . I guess make sure you're wearing compfortable shoes? Maybe the firmest path has less risks. Or more financial security. Or the need for less effort in maintaining relationships. I'll swim with the Mer-Man. I like to swim. I have no need for those . . . what do ya call 'em? Oh yeah, feet. *

I'm glad it's almost my birthday. I'm glad that I have a lot of friends. I'm glad that Brian K. Vaughan writes such fantastic comic books. I'm glad that Peter and I are going to see Flaming Lips in September. I'm glad the keypad on my phone glows. I don't care about the firmest path, I'm glad that I'll still take the Mer-Man's path . . .

It's been real,


ps - * - Friend, if that part didn't cheer you up, then there's nothing left in my stable.

pps - It's almost my birthday! Huzzah! Do you think Flatbread Jillian knows that I would welcome a giftcard to BullMoose? Or her and I eating canolis by the fire? Either/or. Either/or.

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