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Not Nearly As Goofballs Driven As You'd Expect

2005-10-25 - 10:28 a.m.

Newest Discovery: The magic that is Pastina

Listening To: Super Furry Animals, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Pixies, Velvet Underground

Quote:"Sometime I like to capture chipmunks to build self confidence." - Little Nick

Hi ho Stevearino! I open with that salutation for a reason. Comedian/Actor Louis Nye just died the other day. Who the hell is Louis Nye, right? Well, I'll tell you. He was in Your Show of Shows, and was friends with that hip Steve Allen crowd, he was Elliot Axelrod's dad on St. Elsewhere, and most importantly, he was Jeff's (Larry's Manager) dad on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and most importantly he played the Carpenter in the 80's version of Alice in Wonderland that Ricky and I so covet. But anyway, he also popularized the phrase, "Hi ho stevearino!" back in the 70's. He was old. Really old. But I liked him in whatever he in.

It's raining and windy out. Some are calling it a monsoon. I'm calling it, "This would have been my 44th straight day of work." I feel like when Jimmy James finds out Matthew got injured on the job and comes in and erases the large number on the dry erase board that signifies how many days WNYX has gone without an on the job injury. And then replaces it with a giant zero. I'm back to giant zero. Sad. But Joyce has bet me I can't show up for work 10 minutes early for 2 straight weeks. I don't WANT to, but I have to now. I'm actually quite shocked more people don't take advantage of the "betting strategy" with me more. It's almost foolproof and it's ridiculously simple. I will do almost anything for a bet. Even if the payoff isn't all that great. Just to prove someone wrong. My desire to prove someone else wrong is much higher than my own personal ambition. So my mother bets me I can't stop biting my nails? It wasn't easy, but done. I'm bet that I can't go without fast food for a year? Done. Definitely not easily. But done. And I still don't bite my nails (well, not like I used to) and I haven't had McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, etc. since 2003. And now I'll be showing up for work early, opposed to precariously on time/few minutes late. I'm a simple creature. Unfortunately, "Zach, I bet you can't marry Maura Tierney!" hasn't seemed to work. So yeah - there's your key people.

I guilted my Dad into coming to visit me today while I lay low from the sandpapering of my brain yesterday. We're going to finally have him catch up a bit on Alias. He's been stalled in the middle of Season 3 for a while. I mean, it's ok, it's Season 3. Season 3 is Alias' red-headed step-child of a secret. Despite it having one of the best episodes in it ever. And that's the one we're going to watch today. That's right. We'll be watching the glorious Return of Will Tippin episode when he comes by later today. Jealous? You should be. Seriously. You should be.

See?! I TOLD you you'd be jealous!

So mySpace. mySpace, My Space, myspace, MYSPACE. Justin can officially be blamed for gift-wrapping me my newest addiction. Yes, I know Kate, Brad, Dustin and others already had an account for a while and I had glanced at people's pages in the past. But now I have one. And I am addicted to it. I'd absolutely LOVE for some of you to join. It's better than Friendster. You can update it all the time or hardly ever. You can include your music, your writing, surveys, pictures, or none of that at all. It's extremely user-friendly. Don't just sit there and read about me blathering about something for the 1,000th time. Try it out. It's not gonna fucking bite. It's good to try new things. Whether it's another culture's food or some sort of technological personal profile. No excuses. Just fucking try it. Here's the MySpace home site. And here's my site. I just started last week, so I'm no pro. I just think it's fun and it's an even better way to keep in touch than e-mail (which is like pulling teeth with most of you these days - ouch, bad metaphor). Then again, most of you are fucking terrified of this "new" phenomenon known as "Instant Messaging", so I guess my hopes for anyone participating in mySpace are pretty low. Do me a favor. Do yourself a favor. Surprise me. Just . . . surprise me.
Raaaargh! Blockodile say do it!

I think I'm gonna brave the monsoon briefly. I'm going to get that tribute to Rubber Soul, entitled "This Bird Has Flown", that came out today (celebrating its 40th anniversary) with a track by track recreation of the album by such sweet peeps as Ben Harper, Sufjan Stevens, Mindy Smith, Ben Lee, Rhett Miller, Ben Kweller, Cowboy Junkies, Low, & the Fiery Furnaces(!), and others - while at the same time storming the bastille that is the Wallakers and taking back my delicious apple crisp that Catfish delivered to me on Sunday. That ol' Catfish. Ok, I go now.

It's been real,

Tangerine Orange Zinger

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