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Sabbath Soul Sandpaper

2005-08-21 - 10:17 p.m.

Word Of The Moment: Ridiculous

Listening To: Pixies, Scott Walker, Stephen Malkmus, Velvet Underground, Spoon

Quote:"I'm going to be the Jackie Robinson of 'America's Next Top Model'." - Dustin

Ok. I've tried writing a new entry twice. So perhaps the third time is the charm. I heard a mildly retarded carnival barker once say that, "the third time, she is the charm . . . gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh." So I think that's a pretty reliable source. I know you've all been terribly worried about me in my absence. I don't blame you. Just the usual happenings on my end. Kenichi trapped me into one of his reverse magic Sarcophogi after he made me say my name backwards into a mirror bathed in blue kryptonite.

Or . . . something.

I don't know. What an August it's been. And by "been", I mean "bean", and by "bean", I mean . . . ok, actually I mean nothing. But just typing the word "bean" reminds me of that insane weekend at Ben's dad's, I want to say Sophomore year, when Braden introduced us all to Tootsie Roll drinks. Equal parts orange juice & kahlua. Sounds gross, no? It tasted exactly like a fucking liquified tootsie roll. And Amy kept running around calling Ben, "Bean!" - or so it sounded with a New Zealand accent. And someone got caught smashed behind some doorway. And I know Jeff was involved. Isn't he always? And then suddenly it's years later and I'm smashing bottles in the driveway and having to be restrained by Ben from smashing a windshield with my fist. And I decide I don't like how my neurotic brain can spoil second paragraphs.

It's Sunday right now. The Sabbath. Or, "the day I live for" as Hayley calls it. My birthday is 7 days away. The Sox beat the Angels tonight and the Yankees lost to the White Sox. Keeping us 4 games in 1st place. It's an odd place to be for a Red Sox fan. Fighting to keep our lead, and not treading to keep our head above water. Which is odd in that I feel like more of my body is above water than below lately. Below isn't a bad thing necessarily. I like swimming underwater way more than doing the crawl. But who doesn't? The point is, I've got my birthday coming. I'll see lots of friends. I'm planning on getting some sweet presents. I'm getting along with my mother and my father right now (no matter how transparent the latter relationship may be). Things are pretty well, on the whole. Sure, my life has a habit of knocking me down when I get any sort of modicum of stability, but I'm willing to take that chance.

Work is alright. Senor just took a lengthy vacation so everything seemed to be much quieter around the ranch than we're used to. As always, the guys at work tend to spin unintenional comedic quote gold, which makes the day go by quicker. Don't believe me? Check out the almost-daily-updated Quote Section of this here site! The summer schedule is just about wrapping up, with the Nicks going back to college, Matt going back to soccer/high school and Dustin preparing for his Navy adventure. Which means I'll be dealing with Senor a lot more again. I. Can't. Fucking. Wait. But yeah - it's certainly been a different summer. I look forward to some of the work peeps intersecting with the rest of the Zoo Crew this weekend at my bidet festivities. Plus, we've got an "Employee Appreciation BBBQ" at work this Wednesday. Should be interesting.

You people keep asking me if Ben reads this site. I tell you "no" because that's what I believe to be true. It doesn't mean agents of evil loyal to him don't read it. And you know what? Even if he DID read this? [And if you do, "Hi Ben!"] What is he going to read that is so shocking? Nothing that isn't already plainly apparent. "But this is Ben we're talking about!" you gnash in my direction! Fine. Agreed. Then I shall say this so there is no misunderstanding: Ben, I feel you've sold out your history and your friends, namely me, and I don't know what could happen in the future that could possibly lead me to forgive you for it. But the saddest part is that I don't even think you'd care if I forgave you or not. I think you're so caught up in the illusion of it all that you'd sell your own soul to ensure it was true. But then again, you haven't cared what I think for over 10 years, so I don't see why you'd change this course in mid-stream. Hope it was all worth it. Actually, I don't.

And that, is the end of Sunday. By the minute.

It's been real,

King's Lead Hat

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