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Leaving The Nest: A Slice Of Mind

2005-07-04 - 9:08 p.m.

Upper Arms: Tan

Listening To: Radiohead, Gorillaz, Pixies, Don McLean

Quote:"Somewhere, the Bengineer is freaking out about those paper towels. For realsies." - Kate

Don't call it a sagebrush! Or a comeback. Or something. No, you shan't have written me off entirely quite yet all my freaks and fronds. It seems this quill still has some ink in it yet. Wait, that sounds like some sort of viagra spot co-opted by Benjamin Franklin (the founding father, not the arts and crafts store). Ah, what a patriotic note we start on. Which is fitting since I'm covering the last patriotic holiday we had - 2 fucking months ago - Memorial Day. I have had so much to write about since that weekend. June 2005 has to be one of the more rollercoastery months I've probably had in my 26 years (and soon one to grow on) that I've been here on Spaceship: Earth. When can you call it, "Spaceship Earth"? Any time. Literally, any time. Dinner. Whenever. And since I have a ton to write about in future entries and a possibly clever way to go about it, I want to get all this Memorial Day crap kaopectated out of my brain but now. I'm abandoning the song lyrics, I'm abandoning captions, I'm abandoning being cutesy. You're getting pictures, pictures, pictures, and nothing but pictures. This is the 3rd installment of the "Leaving The Nest" series, far after it was originally intended. I think I was waiting to know exactly how to write about it. I don't think I ever figured it all out. I needed some sort of time-warping Sachem-sassified ending that tied in all the loose ends and leaky pens. But life doesn't get tied up into pretty bows. That's why all that time is devoted to Nick Andopolis at the dance contest. We don't always find out whether Kevin and Winnie stay together - despite the fact that we did find out that Winnie and Kevin didn't stay together. Do the songs sound a little louder on the radio lately? Do people seem taller? Does your pillow seem harder and the wind blows quicker? Because remember, time can get wider. It can definitely get wider.

So here. Memorial Day Weekend Party 2005. Hours after Keith and Jen had gotten married and the second time in one weekend in which I got smashed with Marsh. I don't make this shit up, I just report it. Well, and jazz it up a bit when the soda goes flat. Fuckin' admit bitches, you missed me didn't you? Oh, and unless you participated in 9 hours straight of FlipCup, you can really only guess at the insanity that hit R'Ford late night that memorable memorial night. x & o's my dear friends, x's and o's. If you were here you know. If you weren't, well . . . yeah. Alright, in the chronologicalist that I can make it . . .
Leaving The Nest: A Slice Of Mind


You know, I almost feel like I need to go back and add captions to most of this shit someday. But that day isn't today. But possibly jam tomorrow. And possibly even jam yesterday. I. Am. Out of here. For a bit. But not for long this time. Promise.

It's been real,


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