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Come For The Flat Eric, Stay For The Cheese

2005-02-06 - 10:37 a.m.

Muffin: Blueberry

Listening To: Pixies, Postal Service, John Lennon, Weezer

Quote: "I love that cheese and I'm taking it home with me." - Brian

Oh my. I was hoping to get another entry done before FebROOary and now I'm struggling to just get it in before the SupaDupaBowl (which is a lot like the Super Bowl but with less mullets and more Missy Elliots).

So the Titans will certainly clash this evening - Tendercrisp is rooting for the Pats (as any sensible person would) and Spicy is a long time Eagles fan. Uh oh! Looks like honeymoon is over! You know, if they had gotten married, and were just on their honeymoon. It'd be over now. Unless they secretly got married in than freaky tunnel at LSB that connects the drive-thru tellers to the rest of the bank! Oh man. I so bet they totally did. Sigh. And they call it puppy love.

So what was I talking about? Oh yeah - football. We're going up to Center Harbor to take in the superest of bowls. I figure I best take in the majesty that is Hannah and Brian's place before the jet off to everyone's favorite state. That's right, where the person-to-grouper ratio is higher than even South Carolina - Georgia! Personally, you can't find a bigger fan of Atlanta than ol' Z. Q. Foote! So I'm sure to go visit them many many many times. By train. I'm leaving for the festivities early, probably after I finish writing this. I am meeting up with Nanny and my mother. God help me. I can take Nanny (usually) but my mother has been making me want to light myself on fire (a la' Justin). My mother is just fucking crazy. I have no hope for me not to go crazy. I'm not sure what her plans are for the SuperBowl, but wanna know my dad's? Yeah - he's spending it on Holman St. Not just any ol' house either. Yeah. That's right. 145. Fuckin' A. For realsies? Yes, my friends, not for funsies. Not. at. all. The bible bangers that live there are all friendly friends with him and . . . the other. So yeah. He thinks it's pretty neato! When he told me his plans, I responded thusly, "Ew." To which he responded with, "Oh you and your 'Ew's." He got me there.

Last weekend I went up to LA, still bemoaning my lack of employment and to lift my spirits I joined TC and Jackie (and Jackie's friend John, who I had met a few weeks before down in Boston) for some fantastic fondue! With Cheddar! And Fondling! With Sweaters! But for real, we were watching Wet Hot whilst partaking in fondue. So I was actually fonduing with cheddar when Gene says that line. Truly magnificent. We met up with Hannah & Brian and Rich & Julie up at The Common Man for some drinks. And some cheese. God almighty was that some good cheese. Brian surely knows how to spot him some fromage. I shall miss that skill of his. I would make a link to the last times we were at The Comman Man, but there's just far too many. It was a good time, and I had a few too many drinks to be driving back to R-Ford, so I slept it off on Nana and Bumps couch. I don't think I ever thought I'd type that sentence.

So here's the part of the entry that everyone is clamoring for. The Keystone Kapers of Kenichi and Flat Eric. God. I've created two furry little monsters.

Kenichi and Flat in happier times. Well, Flat is pretty much always happy, whereas Kenich looks kind of spooked here. But Kenichi always looks kind of spooked

Kenichi decides to leave the photo shoot and Flat decides that wherever his faithful steed Chef Chen goes, he is sure to follow

And then they fight for like 7 minutes, which mostly consists of Kenichi batting at Flat's loping legs while Flat grins back at Kenichi defiantly.

And then, tired from the brawl, they fell asleep. Yes, Flat sleeps with his eyes open

And then the PopeMobile sidled over to the scene and all was well again. Except the Pope. He's all sick and shit

So yeah. To recap: My mother's driving my crazier than usual, Go Pats, NewsRadio DVDs have been pushed to May (wait, that can't be a recap, I just said it, too late, moving on), Andrea is still reading The Intimates, Shan-Y just had her world rocked by the Alias Season 2 finale, we had the lamest game night ever last night, (no seriously, only those first two parts are recap, this is all new information), and Titie is thrilled that she will finally meet the one known as Fafu this evening, as she was about to write her off as an unexplained phenomenon a la' Sasquatch, Yeti, Nessie, or Compassionate Conservatives*

* - Ok, that's not fair. #1 - Tendercrisp IS a Sasquatch, so that's not very unexplained. And Tendercrisp's brother is a Yeti - so check that one off too. And there is TOO such thing as a Compassionate Conservative. Conservatives are compassionate about lots of things. Like oil, rich people, richer people, more oil, southerners, abortion clinic bombers, did I mention oil? Oh man, me and my kwaaazy liberal ways!! I probably want to have a gay marriage with John Stewart. Wait a minute. That's just what the terrorists want!

Oh yeah, I also am employed now. But more on that later. Go PATS!!!!!

It's been real,

Dr. Grumbles

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