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To All The 2004's I've Loved Before: Part 2

2005-01-09 - 11:45 a.m.

One Of Many New Year's Resolutions: No more soda

Listening To: Ray LaMontagne, Powderfinger, Warren Zevon

Quote:" . . . and I had just eaten taco shells out of the trash can . . ." - Shan-Y

Ok - so now on with the show. And by "show", I mean the "2nd half of 2004". If I hadn't already gone with "To All The 2004's I've Loved Before" I would have chosen "Retrospecticus 2004". Perhaps I'll save it for 2005. Please tell me someone other than Frederick knows what "Retrospecticus" is from. But seriously, this may be one of the most picture intensive entries I've ever put up, so if you're dial-up? Yeah, just give up now. Moving on . . .

July opened with a bang! A fireworks bang that is! Damn . . . I need to write for Gene Shalit. We all stood up and cheered when Coty finally ran his marathon (joined by his fashionable mohawk), I basked in the tingly glow that was Spider-Man 2, fielded drunken calls from the Farmer boys down in Florida (98% of which were from Jon), met back up with Liz after her lengthy sojourn to Hawaii, saw a Sox game that included: Derek Lowe squashing the Rangers, Damon hitting a personal homerun to me, and a guest appearance by B Rog! We also, that very same weekend, took in a Rufus Wainwright, Guster, Ben Folds concert. I also ate way too much of a calzone. It would not be the last time Milton & gastrointestinal distress would clash. The end of July saw me first start to totally lose all my senses and fall head over ankles for Secret Crush, the return of Coty to the Granite State - even for just a short while, and of course, Shannon joined me in the "Not Welcome Back at the Gaslight" Club by getting booted from there during her bachelorette party for "raucous behavior".

August saw the momentous event of introducing Andrea, Todd & Rex to the beauty that is FunSpot, I wrote what would become one of my more popular entries. You know the one. Everything you ever wanted to know about those fucking magnetic car ribbons but were afraid to ask! We were all lucky(?) to read the mad rhymes of Jon & Cree, my Jeep continued to shit the bed every few days - strictly for funsies, I drove to NYC (ok, Stamford) all on my own - to go visit Monique, Mississippi Fats, and Niko, and of course - Ben accidentally killed a bunch of baby birds - strictly for realsies. Of course, I had waves of fear pee when I came face to castle-face with Kimball's Castle again after all these years. Chilling. Chi-Chai-Monchan plagued our lives, I blackmailed Hal-Y with "groovy" pictures, we laughed our cares away with the expert opinions of Spider-Man on crayola crayons, and of course - we all learned just how bat shit insane Dottie is.

And then there was the rest of August. Which I didn't really document very well until after the fact. I tried to hold off all the birthday party rubberneckers with a long entry written mostly by Coty, but apparently only Coty and I (not even Fred, TC or Liz) found it interesting. I'm annoyed that I've been at this entry so long and I'm not even into the Fall yet. So if you're really a sadist and want to paw over all of those birthday pics and bon mots, feel free. Fun can be had here, here, and here. Hey, at least the Sox had a killer August.

Damn. This shit's gonna be a 3-parter.

It's been real,


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