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Schilling Willing To Make A Killing

2004-09-17 - 3:32 p.m.

Avengers?: Disassembled

Listening To: Blur, Beck, Pixies, TMBG, The Purple Gang

Quote: "I'm sitting next to Theo, 7 rows behind homeplate." - Justin, the world's cruelest liar

Firstly, our hat is off to you Mr. Curt Schilling. 20 games indeed. Silly, I would have thought Wakefield would've been the first in baseball this year. Except. You know. I didn't think that at all. Now. I know I said I wasn't going to talk about the Sox game we went to on Tuesday night. And I'm still not going to. But I just want to talk about the Sox game that JUSTIN GOT FREE TICKETS TO LAST NIGHT. Not only did Justin get free tickets. Not only did he get to see Schilling pitch. Not only was it Schilling's 20th win. Not only was it an insanely good game where almost everyone got a hit, or hell, a home run. Not ONLY DID JOHNNY DAMON HIT A 3-RUN HOMER. BUT, and this is a Kirstie Alley sized butt, the crowd was asked to stay after the game so the Farrely Brothers could film some more scenes for their new movie with Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Now - I know what you're thinking TC - having your beloved Red Sox and your hated Drew Barrymore together wants to make you drink goat blood. I understand. It would be like Helen Hunt guest-starring on NewsRadio, or dating David Byrne. But, which Red Sox player was involved in the most scenes? Did someone say Johnny Damon? If they did, they'd be correct. Damn you Justin. Justin. First you have the good luck of having the stork dropping Cameron off down your chimney, and now this?!?! [And we'll just ignore that Justin called me during the game and had me convinced he was 7 rows behind home plate and was sitting next to Theo and asked if I wanted to talk to him . . . a heart of stone that Justin.]

If I worked for a newspaper I'd come up with some jazzy headline like "Thrilling Winning For Schilling!" or "Schilling Willing To Make A Killing! or "Schill's Milestone" or "Even Curt Schilling knows deep down that George Bush is a lying asshat!" I don't know. Maybe not that last one. They like you to be concise in the newspaper business. So maybe, "Schilling: Bush Is An Asshat" would be better. You tell me.

But apparently I forgave Justin since Peter and I went to lunch with him and Cam this afternoon in the sleepy little Lilac City known as Rochester. Was I honored that I got to experience Cameron's very first visit to a restaurant?! OF COURSE. Was the waiter who had to clean up all the bread bits that Cameron tore apart and threw on the floor honored? OF COURSE. Those Asians are all about honor. Just ask them. They'll tell you.

So went to the ol' BTC this morning. Peter drove me up there. Got the Jeep back. My cousin Tommy brought it back to life. Again. Again. Again again. So yeah. Rickety ol' Jake the Jeep and I are back together. Which sucks. Since I alread threw out all of his CDs, changed the locks, and cut him out of pictures. So, you know, I gots a lot of explaining to do.

Peter and I have been cleaning. Getting ready for the Jimbo-a-thon tonight. And by "cleaning" I mean I'm writing an entry and Peter is playing Triple Play on PS2 downstairs. It's overcast and muggy. Which is good. Because I consider Jimbo to be overcast and muggy - so it'll be a perfect fit, no? While I am sad that Jon, Titie and Mindy have been exiled back down to Hurricane Alley, I think it's for the best that Jon is not here whilst Jimbo is. Mother Nature herself could not contain two such forces as Jon & Jimbo at the same party. I mean, I'm all for fun as much as the next guy, but the last time Jon and Jimbo were at the same party three llamas turned up dead and we had no running water for a week. So yeah . . . tonight should be some fun. I'm hoping mischevious Mike Lennon will make his way up from Mass. as he's always game for some hi-jinx, and he hasn't been to our place. But even if he doesn't make it, there shall be some good times. Good times.

Shannon's wedding tomorrow. Holy canoli is it going to be a grand affair. Because of the sacred exchange of vows? Kinda. Because all of Matt & Shannon's family & friends being there to witness the union of their love? I guess. Because Jimbo and I are going to have to face the Gorgon stare of Courtney for the first time in years? Yes. Definitely yes. Rick has already informed me that he is jealous that Jimbo and I will be undertaking such a grave mission without his aid. Hopefully we will be outfitted with Boots Of Escaping if things get too rough. There's a nice and obscure Reno 911 quote for ya.

After the reception at the Margate, late night, we're planning on going to Waldy's house. I should state now that Peter has all-but-legally changed Ben's named to Waldy. As in, "Do you think Waldy is gonna be mad when he gets home and sees that I broke that window?" or "What is Waldy doing in the shower with all the buffalo sauce?" It catches on quick, trust me. Anyway, Dick and Sharon are out of the country ["The 8 sweetest words in the English Language." - Rick] So we will be all bunking down old skool style on Shore Drive. Should be some fun. Considering we'll all be pretty bombed out of our heads by that point. ["Don't worry, I'm praying for all of you extra hard this weekend." - Hayley] I know Hal-Y, I know. And we appreciate it. ["I ain't prayin' for shit." - B Rog] Alright, alright. Enough with the bracketed business. We can all only hope that there'll be no run-ins with the Killing Poison. Whoa. Now that's an old link.

Alright. It's gonna be a crazy weekend. Wish me luck. Well. Hopefully it won't be as crazy as the last crazy weekend. You know . . . cause that was crazy. And I'd rather have some unitalisized craziness this weekend. You know? I think you do. Plus, I mean, there's not TOO major of a Sox/Yankees series on tonight or anything . . .

It's been real,


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