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Local On The 8's

2004-05-23 - 10:15 a.m.

Favorite Dewpoint: 72%

Listening To: DB's new album, Grown Backwards

Quote: "Wait . . . so is it Kate's birthday or something? - Hayley


Sunday morning, roughly half past waffles.


Yeah. I know.

Can you believe it's Alias super mind boggling blood crying finale tonight? I know, for real! Except that whole me not getting to watch it part. Oh well. At least Rich, Ben, Andrea and I will basking in the warm fuzzy glow that is David Byrne. Ben likes DB as much as the next guy, but Rich, Andrea and I are hardcore!! This is our 3rd outing of DB basking. It's really appropriate that if I can't be watching "As the Bristows Turn", we'll be getting healthy doses of mind boggling and tears of blood from DB. He's good like that. Still, is it inappropriate of me to be holding up a sign at the concert that says, "I'm missing Sydney for you David!" I think so.

"And Sydney Bristow wakes up 2 years later and says, 'This is not my beautiful Vaughn!' and 'This is not my nefarious Sloane!'"

Yeah. So I need to get my ass to Poco's before we leave for Concord today because the gift certificate that I "keep forgetting to bring home with me every time I see my Mom" which is her Mother's Day present hasn't actually been bought yet. Details. Details. We're stopping to visit Nanny before the concert which should be good since she's been crowing about seeing Ben for months and now she can be happy that the Great Waldini is descending upon Concord.

I don't think I'll get to meet DB again tonight like I did last time, but . . . it'd be pretty sweet if I did, huh? I'm still gonna bring something for him to sign though. And then Brunch with the Bristows tomorrow morning with Andrea and Hayley. And then we bring Hayley to the bus station in Boston. Man . . . how am I gonna have quotes for new entries with Hayley gone to Florida all summer? I'm sure someone with as little "street smarts" as Hayley will step up to the plate.

Meanwhile . . . Tim Curtis sits alone in a dark theater in San Francisco watching Disney's "Home on the Range" with a single tear rolling down his cheek.

Oh yeah, Johnny Damon shaved his beard. Did you hear? It was kinda hard not to when it was treated as the most important event in the media since the Hindenberg disaster. I was half expecting Pokey Reese to be standing behind Damon screaming "Oh the humanity!" Half expecting mind you. I was really expecting him to be there because he's a good glove. (You know that's for you Justin.)

Shit, it's almost time for Local on the 8's and I have to know when the high tide is today! Later!

It's been real,


ps - New Poll! The old poll's results were Clue squeaking by with the victory to the answer of the question "The DVD will explode after you play one more movie, which will it be?!" with 13 votes and 39% of the total voting. Wet Hot American Summer got 11 and 33%, while Stand By Me, a.k.a. - the movie that makes boys break down and cry like little girls with skinned knees - came in 3rd with 15% and 5 votes. I am happy to report that ZERO people (with 0% of the vote) voted for Blank Check - "star" vehicle of Brian Bonsall. I guess you people aren't pure evil (from concentrate) like I thought you were. Good for you.

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