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I Poked Myself In The Eye And It Hurt

2003-08-18 - 11:21 p.m.

The Secret Word: Aruba!

Listening To: Grandaddy, TMBG, Talking Heads

Quote: "Good afternoon, this is Gigglepuss!" - Becca

Man. Thar she blows. A hump like a snowhill. Moby Dick.

Yeah. So I guess the last entry wasn't exactly the sugar sweet return to form that apparently everyone was expecting.

Whoops! What can I say? Other than, "I am not Ruth Buzzi standing here!" Yeah. Need to scan the pics from KP's wedding and the pics from the "Welcome Baq from Iraq" party we had for McLaughlin on Saturday. And want to talk about the super sweet Radiohead concert last Wednesday. But until then - a little format I stole from Uncle Bob (that he himself stole from others) to tide you all over:

1) Last dream: Phantom of the Muppet show was trying to kill me in the bathtub while I screamed and tried to fight him off with fluorescent sidewalk chalk

2) Last car ride: Me driving – coming home from Families First tonight. Someone else driving – Ben driving to China Buffet

3) Last kiss: Oh god – this is so embarrassing to admit – but Dottie, earlier today

4) Last good cry: Well . . . I haven’t seen Stand By Me recently – so it’s not that. I think I recall an anvil dropping on my head last Thursday on campus and I’m pretty sure that smarted enough for me to cry

5) Last Missing Library Book: The Wonderful World of Sharks – from a 7th grade biology project that Ben and I did for Mr. Charland

6) Last movie seen: Donnie Darko – for the 3rd time

7) Last Book Read: Ghost World - again

8) Last curse word uttered: Oh god – man, it could be anything. Hmmmm . . . smart money is on “fuck”.

9) Last beverage drank: Bud Light

10) Last food consumed: Taco

11) Last crush: Female – “Secret Crush” from last semester's French class. Male – Johnny Damon (sorry Luka)

12) Last phone call: Brad

13) Last TV show watched: Reno 911!

14) Last Item Bought: Taco

15) Last time showered: Ha ha. Oh man. This one had to be written with Rollinsford in mind. Outside Rollinsford: This morning. Inside Rollinsford: June

16) Last shoes worn: Sandals – today. Loafers – Kristen’s wedding

17) Last CD played: A Mix CD I made for the car called “The Zach”

18) Last MP3 Downloaded: John Eddie’s “Let Me Down Hard”

19) Last annoyance: Lack of lights in my house

20) Last disappointment: Last week when I was stuck at the Mobil Station when my car died

21) Last soda drank: Mug Root Beer

22) Last thing written: An entry for future use

23) Last key used: Car keys

24) Last phrase spoken: “Get up off the damn couch and check my profile.”

25) Last trip to the bathroom: Half hour ago

26) Last sleep: Last night

27) Last IM: Brad

28) Last sexual fantasy: It involves the WNYX office – I think I can leave it at that

29) Last orgasm: Oh god – this is so embarrassing to admit – but Dottie, earlier today

30) Last weird encounter: Roula verbally haranguing me at Shaw’s last Saturday

31) Last Store Shopped at: Ritz Camera

32) Last ice cream eaten: Cumby’s Chocolate Turtle Ice Cream

33) Last time amused: McLaughlin crashing to the floor Saturday night after breaking his chair

34) Last time wanting to die: When the anvil fell on my head last week

35) Last time in love: At CVS, last week, with the peanut butter pretzel nuggets

36) Last time hugged: By Monique, after dropping her off in Gilmanton

37) Last time scolded: At work, by my boss, for having my feet on the shelf

38) Last time resentful: 30 seconds ago

39) Last chair sat in: The swively one at the computer

40) Last lipstick used: When I was in Rumours in Summer of ‘97

41) Last underwear worn: Stars and moons boxers

42) Last bra worn: I’d love to have a really funny answer here – but I’m sad to say I’ve never worn a bra. Not even in jest at some wildly out of control box social

43) Last shirt worn: My lucky red Shelburne Shipyard shirt

44) Last class attended: Contemporaries of Shakespeare

45) Last Final taken: Contemporaries of Shakespeare

46) Last time dancing: Kristen’s wedding

47) Last poster looked at: Scotland, PA

48) Last show attended: Radiohead

49) Last webpage visited:

50) Last hard alcohol drank: Jagermeister

51) Last thing cooked on grill: Cheeseburgers, at McLaughlin's

52) Last video game played: Pac-Man World

53) Last Sporting event attended: Red Sox game few weeks ago

54) Last animal put in a dryer for "time out": Chef Chen Kenichi

It's been real, Appleton

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