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11 Years Later, The Car's Brakes Hiccup

2003-06-12 - 3:33 p.m.

Mood: Iced Tea (just seeing if anyone's paying any attention)

Listening To: Jack Johnson, Coldplay, 3 Dog Night, The Doors

Quote:"How are we gonna play 3-Man with only 2 controllers?" - Andrea

Hi friends. The old shaman that lives on the roof outside my window just said to me, "Zach, you're an entry writin' machine!" I replied, "Shaman, leaving the 'g' off of 'writing' is neither cute nor clever. It's cloying and a pathetically transparent attempt of you trying to further ingratiate yourself into our culture." He's still formulating a comeback.

So yeah. It's June 12th. June twel-fa-th. 11 years later . . . Summer's here. But not really quite yet. There's an equinox involved I should say. It's birthday season again. My cousin Allyson (not to be confused with AlYson) was the 3rd, Rick's was yesterday, my dad's today, Hannah's tomorrow, jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never ever jam today. I had just gotten back from Six Flags around this time last year. And I have yet to find my beautific l'orange shirt. I think it may have given up the ghost yet. Big things usually happen on this date, but not every year. I guess this is an off year. I mean, I did go searching for the Loch Ness Monster this morning, but that's not exactly an "event" as it were. Sad, to think Amy's gonna miss our 11th Anniversary. Ah well . . . one month, or 11 years, or even 9 weeks, who really cares much for anniversaries these days anyway?

I'm trying to think of some stuff to share before I show off the pictures of lil' Chef Chen Kenichi. What a dickens he is! But I'm not there yet. Feeling weird. Feeling here but not quite there. Fear of envelopes and telephone calls. But not, oddly, Fear of Music. [Zach, you're alienating readers. Making an in-joke that only you get and then an in-joke about the in-joke is about as insular as you can get. - Ed. - Dude, where the hell have you been?! I don't think you've been doing your editorial duties very well. I haven't even heard a peep out of you since last summer. - Me - I had some sick days I wanted to take and there's some really nice bed and breakfasts up on the north side of Winnipesaukee, plus . . . - Ed. - I've heard enough. Just let me know when you're taking off from now on. I don't think you've been paying much attention, because if you were truly earning what I pay you, you never would have let that fucked-up entry from early March make the cut." - Me - You're not even paying me. - Ed. - Whatever. - Me- ] What was I even saying anyway? I don't remember now. Maybe something to do with hopping bears behind bird houses?! Somehow I doubt it. Just as I doubt anyone will get that joke other than Justin.

Anyway, for those of you that read the early edition of my last entry, I made some changes. With no thanks to Ben, I made some factual errors in my recounting of the beached Castro story. It was Tim and I that were left with the unenviable task of uncorking Ellen from the carcass that was Tim's car. It was truly horrific, and for me to have attributed such scarring horror to Ben opposed to Tim was a mistake. It's fixed now, for all the world to see.

Kate, Andrea, Ben, and myself hung out at her house last night and taught her 3-Man. Yeah. Cause that's a great idea. I don't think I've played 3-Man in a while. I know Kate, Ben and I tried to when we babysat Todd and Rex but we weren't able to find enough dice. Yes, I know. Two of them. So anyway, Andrea broke out the dice and we taught her how to play. Again. Great idea. And by "great", I mean "not so great." The last time I had actually played this splendid game was back in Wells at the end of last summer during the infamous "Boys Drink / Teapot" weekend at Kelly's cottage. Good times. Good times. But as glad as I am that Andrea can now add a new name to her drinking game roster (which heretofore consisted merely of Quarters), it probably wasn't the best game to pull out at almost midnight when three of us had to work first thing in the morning. Ha ha. This is funny. You know where I learned how to play 3-Man? At that ONE party Cheryl Maheux had when Jimmy pulled that huge Jimmy about Cheryl's Mom = Diane the helmet headed secretary! And everyone was watching 90210 in the living room and it was the one where Claire becomes a princess or some stupid shit. Anyway, Mike Prescott is the one that taught us. That is some funny stuff. Anyway, so yeah, we taught Andrea 3-Man, and I'm not so sure how happy she is about that.

"You're 3-Man now Lady McGee! - Ben

I think I'm gonna bring the first year of Fables in to AlYson tonight at work. I think she'll enjoy them. I finally finished Kingdom of Fear by Hunter S. Thompson, after losing it for a couple of months. Good read. I'm in the middle of Rule Of The Bone by Russel Banks, which I borrowed from Brooke's mom. I'm now debating whether to finally jump into You Shall Know Us By Our Velocity by Dave Eggers, something new, or TKAM. I think it's too early in the summer for TKAM. Whatever I choose, it better be soon, because the juggernaut that is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is due at the end of next week. Oh what a frabjous day indeed! Everyone is looking forward to this book, and by "everyone" I mean the whole Earth except for Tim, Kate, Justin and Monique. I am going to devour it like so many infant's souls. Wait. That came out wrong. I meant to say I was going to devour the book. Like so many infant's souls. Oh . . . I guess it did come out right. Nevermind.

I'm so broke so I didn't buy Radiohead or Annie Lennox yet. Andrea bought Annie Lennox and what I listened to I liked. Apparently Hannah's emerged from her cocoon and is mewing about swaying dangerously to Hail To The Thief. Good for her. She also kept her hair dangerously short and dyed it magenta. Not as good for her. I don't mind the new color. Aren't I nice for commenting on Hannah's hair care choices in a public forum? Whatever, she's been ripping on my mutton chops on her journal for ages.

Friends. I just got some sad news. Monique just IM-ed me that Gregory Peck has died. I am not happy. Not cool Gregory Peck. Not cool at all. And I was JUST TALKING about To Kill A Mockingbird 2 paragraphs above. Poor poor Atticus. Well, it looks like the spinning red die isn't gonna be the only image I'm gonna recycle for this entry. Good night sweet Atticus, I'll miss you.

1916 - 2003

Sigh. Well that was a downer. I know! Some good news! Brooke ended up getting a new job in Dover! After a bunch of rigamarole and whatnot, but that's not the point, the point is she got it! She starts in the fall at Dover High. A Sachem shall soon be a Green Wave. Ewwww. Oh well. Can't win 'em all. Now that she has a job secured for the fall she can focus on the important things, like when are her and I (and possibly Ben) going to go to NYC and visit Brett and Monique. Well, sadly, if Brett and Monique's schedules are any indication, we'll be able to plan a trip sometime in August - of 2009. We shall see. We shall see.

Anyone else . . . see . . . Christina . . . on last . . . Real World? Breasts . . . so fake . . . but . . . I . . . so . . . didn't care. Will make . . . her eggs . . . any day.

Did someone say Bike Week? Ugh. I've never looked forward to a Bike Week less than this year. KP was making some rumblings about coming to LA for it. But who knows, I always jump at any chance to escort KP into the Weirs while strange men chant TUNA TUNA TUNA at her. I can't make this stuff up. Ben and I are going up on Saturday merely so we'll be there for Father's Day (which is when I can give my father his unbelievably expensive present - I should have stuck with "warm socks" and a "good pen") As Jeff put it, " . . . drinking on the sides of the road and yelling at biker bitches to "let em' breathe" is a thing of the past . . ."

Ok. I ought to head to work. My two friends there are still hungover (which is Kate's own fault as she loves to literally mix her beer and cocktails together) and would like me to come early and generally save them from the evil schemes of the sheriff. Oh that rascally Sheriff! What he won't grease up!

And now, some pics of Chef Chen Kenichi! These are from the winter, and he's grown a bit since then, but he's still the wily Chef Chen that he's always been:

Awwwwwwwwww. That Kenichi! Isn't he just . . . um . . . he's so . . . Chef Chen Kenichi everybody! Give him a big round of applause!

It's been real,


ps - Checked out the new links yet by clicking below on Wicked Awesome Links? What are you waiting for?! Huh? Are you waiting for people to hook up in the bottom bunk while you're in the top bunk?! Well let me tell you friend, you don't want that. No way, no how. Trust me. Bad news. Anyway. Don't forget to go to Dillinger Improv and sign up for their mailing list! Every person that does saves one more orphan from going to the rendering plant!!!

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