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More Entries About Buildings And Food

2002-11-10 - 10:07 p.m.

In response to my last entry, in which I made an off-handed reference to Tim being a wookie near the conclusion of the 13th paragraph, I got an e-mail from said "alleged" wookie - Tim Curtis. The following is Tim's e-mail to me, in full, with no editing changes made to it whatsoever. . .

"It wasn't a wookie costume, I was an Ewok. Asshole."

He didn't even sign it. How tragically sad. I cried. For a couple of minutes. Then I burped. Root Beer makes me burp.

But I will take this opportunity to stand myself up in corrected posture. Tim was absolutely right. He *was* Wicket, *not* Chewbacca.

How freakishly prophetic. Ben as Grumpy Bear, Tim as the cherubically furry Ewok, and myself as the Prince of Darkness himself, Satan. Sweet.

Simpsons was great tonight. Poor Kenny Loggins. Tom Petty and Elvis Costello made me laugh. Well so did Mick and Keith. Ok, I guess everyone was funny. Hoo-ray for Simpsons. And Alias. And especially Brak and Sealab.

The Simpsons on are three different Rolling Stones covers, this week. One of the covers is an homage to Abbey Road. And the article mentioned David Byrne and the fact that he is going to be on an upcoming Simpsons. *POP* If they mentioned Maura Tierney I'd be dead. Dead. Dead.

Real World Las Vegas Sucks

"Girls are getting into abstract analysis / They want to make an intuitive leap / They are making plans that have far reaching effects / And the girls want to be with the girls / And the boys say, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?"

- "The Girls Want To Be With Girls" - Talking Heads

It's been real,

601st Regiment

ps - I went to a Foote Family Reunion on Saturday in North Haverhill - more on that next time.

pps - Tomorrow's Veteran's Day. No school, but I have to work at the mall. Stupid mall.

ppps - Buildings. Food.

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