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Vitamin Spidey-berry

2002-05-02 - 3:32 p.m.

Here we are then. Since Wildcat Transit has decided that I am to stay home a little while longer before I leave for work, a quick entry will be the result.

Some things to chew on:

I talked to the bride-to-be yesterday and boy are we in for some fun. Not only 3 open bars, a breakfast buffet, and more chicken marsala than I can shake a matrimonial stick at, but I've been informed that when we arrive at the hotel we get "bags of treats"!! I don't know what kind of treats, but even if it's just a pack of Raisinets, I will be extremely pleased. I know a certain Culkin that won't be happy unless it is chock full of a certain delicacy made by a small girl named Debbie.

Some people say that Heaven is a place where nothing, nothing ever happens. Brooke is under the impression that Heaven is this:

[Heaven: All You Can Eat Little Debbie Snack Cakes - 24/7!]

So we went and saw Scotland, PA the other night and I having nothing but good things to say about it. (No surprises there) Obviously, my favorite was Maura Tierney. She must have had 85 costume changes, but we voted the Stained Glass One (as Andrea called it) and the Black Cleavagey One (as Ben called it) our favorites. "What are YOU looking at Nursey?!" and "Fuckity Fuck Motherfucking Fuck" were our favorite lines. Christopher Walken was excellent in his special creepy walking-undead way, and of course Andy Dick was hilarious, but as one of the Witches/Hippies, obviously didn't have any scenes with Lady/Mrs. McBeth. Oh well. James LeGros as Joe "Mac" McBeth was great too. I give this movie my highest endorsement, with my one reservation being that if you don't know McBeth at all, or somewhat well, you may be lost on several of the jokes. The only plus in not being familiar with McBeth beforehand is that, like watching Titanic, you don't already know how things must end. [NOTE: That wasn't a spoiler. No ships sink at the end of Scotland, PA]

[Worth admission price alone to see MT model these funktastic 70's glasses]

And what's the best way to get a COMPLETE BREAKFAST?!?! I'll tell you! Spider-Man Cereal!! Sweet God! It even has holographic eyes! The people at Kellogs sure do know my name! The only thing that is slightly unsettling about this whole endevour is that the box clearly states that the cereal inside is "Spidey-berry Fruit Flavored". Hmmmmmmmmmm. Now, I'll go to the mat for Spidey any day. But "Spidey-berry"? Frankly, it makes me nervous. But oh well. That's not gonna stop me from having 5 bowls of it before the movie tomorrow morning!!!

[With you daily allotment of Vitamin Spidey-berry]

It's been real,

Mac Gargan

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